Air Force awardsR228.9 million in new deals

The South African Air Force (SAAF) and SA Army awarded tenders in excess of R228.9 million in February through the defence department acquisition agency, Armscor.
A look at its website shows that on 5 February the SAAF awarded Advanced Technologies & Engineering (ATE) an extension to an existing contract for the repair and overhaul of components for the Hawk aircraft, valued at R2 900 000. ATE was also awarded a R453 605.33 extension to their contract for the delivery of unmanned aerial observation systems to the SA Army.
On the same day Denel was awarded an extension to their contract for the preparation of A-Darter short-range air-to-air missile client furnished equipment items. The R2 456 386 extension is in addition to the R36 285 409 awarded on 28 March 2008 for the preparation of A-Darter CFE Data items and hardware items for delivery to SAAB. 
Following on from the above, on 19 February Denel was awarded a further R121 353 169 extension of their contract for the development of the A-Darter air-to-air missile. Also on that day another extension to the contract worth R34 412 952.25 was awarded. 
Earlier last month, on 12 February, BAE Systems (Operations) Ltd was awarded a R40 000 000 extension for interim product support for the Hawk aircraft.
SAAB Grintek Defence t/a SAAB Aerotech SA was awarded an extension for the maintenance and support of electronic warfare technology, as well as a RF and internal communication system for the SAAF valued at R13 995 535.96.
Denel also received a R1 228 070 extension of a R963 290 contract for the optimisation of lock-on parameters between a designation radar and missile.  
Grintek Ewation was given a R5 360 000 extension to their contract for the maintenance of the Oryx communication jammer, communication intelligence system and Dakota communication intelligence electronic warfare systems. 
Electro-EW House CC on 12 February also received an extension valued at R2 640 000 of for the maintenance and support of a communication simulator.
On 19 February the SAAF gave Denel Aviation a R2 861 700 extension for product support services for the Cessna C208 Caravan as well as a R415 883.46 extension to Sysdel CC for interim logistic support for the electronic support measures sub-system onboard the Lynx maritime helicopter. The original contact awarded on 2 October 2008 was valued at R12 543 164.70. 
BAE Systems – Land Systems SA t/a Land Systems Dynamics were further given a R798 275 extension to their current contract for low cost aerial target system flying services to the SA army Air Defence Artillery. The original contract, worth R9 986 930, was awarded to IST Dynamics on 21 August 2008. IST has since been purchased by BAE Systems.
New business in February was a request for quotation issued to Denel Aviation on 3 February for a five year maintenance cycle for the Night Owl main sight system for the Rooivalk combat support helicopter.