Air crash Hawk damage minimal

The BAE Systems Mk120 Hawk lead-infighter trainer damaged last month after it ran off a runway after its drag chute failed suffered little in the incident.
Lt Gen Carlo Gagiano, the Chief of the South African Air Force says the prime cause of the accident was a “drag chute failure, and then it (the aircraft) just couldn`t stop on the runway.
“I`m happy to report the damage is absolutely minimal. The biggest damage is to get the mud off the aircraft,” Gagiano says.  
The incident happened at Swartkop Airfield during a night landing in wet conditions after a sortie flown in support of the joint police-SA National Defence Force Exercise Shield 3, a force preparation exercise for next year`s FIFA World Cup.   
Air Force spokesman Colonel Danie van der Westhuizen at the time said the Hawk overran the end of the runway and sustained minor damages to its undercarriage.  “The brake parachute failed during the first landing attempt.  The crew took off again to burn off fuel to lighten the aircraft for the final precautionary landing. 
“During this landing, the aircraft overran the runway due to the reduced braking efficiency without the braking parachute and that was aggravated further by wet runway.  The crew did not sustain any injuries and a board of inquiry has since been convened to investigate the incident further,” Van der Westhuizen added.
Gagiano says the matter is under investigation. “Every time there is a drag chute failure we investigate. You will recall with the old Mirage III and Cheetah we regularly had drag chute failures. It just happens.
“In this case I can`t recall if we`ve had a series of drag chute failures. I think at Makhado, because of the length of the runway we don`t often use the drag chute. The problem with Swartkop as well is that it does not matter from which way you approach; you first have a slope downwards then up.
“It takes time for speed to dissipate because the aircraft can only brake at 100 knots. The design is such that you have to slow down aerodynamically and then you can break,” Gagiano says.