African country orders SpyLite UAVs


An undisclosed African country has ordered SpyLite unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) from Israeli manufacturer BlueBird.

Early last month Ronen Nadir, president of BlueBird, said that a deal for an “impressive” number of systems had been signed.

The UAVs will be used by “government bodies” for observation tasks, reports Flight Global.

The SpyLite tactical UAV weights around 7 kg and has a payload of 1 kg. Its range is 10-35 km and endurance is 1.5-3.5 hours.

In April 2011 BlueBird was awarded a contract to supply SpyLite and Boomerang UAVs to the Ethiopian Army

The Boomerang is a miniature 9.5 kg UAV powered by a fuel cell, giving an endurance of up to ten hours. It has a payload of up to 1.3 kg and a range of 50 km.

BlueBird specialises in small unmanned aerial vehiclesfor military and civilian markets. Its products include the MicroB, SkyLiteB, Boomerang and Blueye.

More and more African countries are looking into purchasing UAVs as a cost effective and less labour intensive way of monitoring long borders and infrastructure such as oil installations.