Aerosud keeps C47 aloft


The South African Air Force has awarded Aerosud Aerospace of Pretoria a R4.3 million contract for product support for the Douglas C-47-TP “TurboDak” aircraft system. The contract was awarded late last week and brings the amount of similar Dakota-related contracts awarded the company to R28 362 377 since 2007.

The SAAF received its first C47 Dakotas in 1943 and they were employed as transport in the Italian campaign of World War Two as well as for ferry duties in the Mediterranean theatre. After the war, the aircraft were deployed to support the Berlin Air Lift. Between June 1948 and May 1949 some 1.5 million tons of cargo was carried into the blockaded city aboard some 200 000 flights.

In the early 1990s about 11 were modernised with, inter alia turboprops replacing the piston engines. The aircraft remain in service with 35 Squadron, based in Cape Town, with medium transport as well as maritime patrol duties. The type is set to continue flying in SAAF colours until at least 2015 when it is scheduled for replacement with an acquisition made as part of Project Saucepan.

The DC3 on which the C47 is based, celebrated its 75th birthday last year.

From the Armscor Bulletin System:

Product support for the C-47-TP aircraft system – extension of ELGS/2006/342

LGS/S2010/4647 10 Mar 2011 R4 351 340,00 Aerosud

LGS/S2010/4580 10 Dec 2010 R400 000,00 Aerosud

LGS/S2010/4451 29 Jul 2010 R357 894,00 Aerosud

LGS/S2009/4268 14 Apr 2010 R6 260 048,00 Aerosud

LGS/S2008/3963 28 May 2009 R8 077 943,00 Aerosud

Product support for the C47-TP aircraft system

ELGS/2006/342 19 Apr 2007 R8 915 152,00 Aerosud