Aerospace industry seeks air traffic collaboration


Civil aviation authorities in the United States and Europe should work with the industry and the United Nations to harmonize new satellite-based air traffic control systems, said industry leaders from both continents.

Industry executives, represented by the AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe and the US-based Aerospace Industries Association, at a meeting at the Farnborough Airshow agreed to outline their concerns in a joint letter to government authorities, said Marion Blakey, who heads the AIA.
“They want the government authorities to work in close collaboration with all of us in industry to get it right when it comes to harmonization of the system,” Blakey told Reuters in an interview.

The executives also discussed ongoing efforts among manufacturers, operators and national aviation authorities to create a global standard for operations near volcanic ash, an issue brought into sharp focus by massive airport closures that plagued Europe after the Icelandic volcano eruptions in April.

Until good detection systems for volcanic ash could be installed on aircraft, industry executives said they did not want to see operations changed to allow flights through ash.
“We don’t have the systems. They’re not there,” Blakey said. “We agreed that the flights should stay out of visible ash until we come to that point.