Aerial Surveillance Systems, OPTIMARE Sensorsysteme launch of the SkyEye 350


Aerial Surveillance Systems, Inc and OPTIMARE Sensorsysteme announced today the official launch of the SkyEye 350, Hawker/Beechcraft King Air 350-based MEDUSA Airborne Oil Spill Monitoring and Maritime Surveillance Multi-Mission Aerial Surveillance Platform.

With the recent Gulf of Mexico BP Oil Spill Disaster and other terror events pointing to the worldwide need for a robust and high-tech solution for workable and effective oil spill response plans and offshore security, ASSI and OPTIMARE have joined forces to integrate the full suite of airborne sensors by OPTIMARE and the airborne maritime surveillance system MEDUSA into the SkyEye 350 multi-role, special missions, aerial surveillance aircraft.

Airborne oil spill monitoring, anti-piracy, EEZ protection and maritime surveillance by the SkyEye 350 allows for full and flexible investigation and tracking of all types of oil spills and the characteristics of those spills, vessel movements and search and rescue. These capabilities allow oil spill response crews or government forces and vessels to quickly and accurately assess and plot the areas of highest (thickest) oil concentrations and will allow decision-makers to move quickly in directing effective clean-up efforts, will allow the deterrence of potential polluters and terrorists and will aid clean-up provability and actionable intelligence by storing secure, time-stamped and geo-referenced evidence of the spill or event scene for future reference and instant transmission in real-time.

The OPTIMARE MEDUSA System allows robust maritime surveillance and oil spill or illegal discharge monitoring, long-range detection and acquisition, real-time display as well as immediate post-overflight processing of remote sensing data. Post-overflight processing includes automated image analysis, pollution classification and GIS export. The MEDUSA System integrates multiple airborne imaging remote sensors into one user-friendly, robust, network-based data acquisition and processing framework and when combined with other remote sensors provides a heretofore unavailable capability for maritime surveillance as well as the detection, interpretation and analysis of oil spills and will allow for timely and effective disaster response and mitigation plans. No other airborne platform of its type exists in private operation in the world and this new aerial platform will provide governments, oil companies, pipeline and drilling rig operators and shipping companies with rapidly deployable, low cost, comprehensive remote sensing capabilities for implementing effective Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) protection and full multi-role maritime surveillance.

The FLIR Systems, Inc. Star SAFIRE 380HD was selected to be the electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) sensor for the SkyEye 350. The Star SAFIRE 380HD is a third generation, advanced, multi-spectral imaging system. The specially modified EO/IR sensor package will capture stabilized high-magnification images that allow the SkyEye 350 to provide a wide range of low-medium-high-altitude tactical missions and long-range covert surveillance operation capabilities and will work in concert with the other systems to provide long-range oil spill detection and tracking of vessels, day and night.

FLIR Systems, Inc has more than 3,600 sensors in operation today, on over 100 different types of fixed-wing aircraft, helicopter, unmanned aerial vehicle and ship platforms in more than 75 countries around the world. FLIR Systems is dedicated to EO/IR sensor systems –it’s all they do. Whether for military and government systems, police, security or vehicle vision applications, or thermography sensors for industrial and scientific uses, FLIR Systems has a single-minded focus on this technology and the people who use it in real world situations. They understand how critical EO/IR is to their customers and their missions, and how to help ensure mission success.

The SkyEye 350 is the most technologically advanced, multi-role aerial surveillance platform in the world at its cost point. The aircraft is being offered at as a turnkey, COTS, user-friendly, exportable system to the US DoD, international and foreign government customers and is available now with the shortest available delivery lead-time in the industry.

About Optimare

OPTIMARE is primarily specialising in mission system and sensor technology for airborne maritime surveillance and related special missions. Marine observing systems (in-water systems), autonomous observing systems, and analytics (in-situ) are additional business segments. OPTIMARE supplies its own sensors for oil spill detection as well as other mission relevant components and integrates them into the well-known maritime surveillance system MEDUSA. Mission equipment from OPTIMARE has been used on numerous types of airborne platforms worldwide, e.g., Dornier 228, Basler BT-67, Bo-105, CASA CN-235, CASA C-295, and others. OPTIMARE has been in business since 1991 and is the world expert in airborne oil spill detection. Since its inception OPTIMARE has been involved in a total of more than 40 aircraft installations and campaigns including projects for Spain, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands, Thailand and others. Visit the company’s web site at:
About FLIR Systems

FLIR Government Systems, a division of FLIR Systems, Inc., is a world leader in the design, qualification, and manufacture of thermal imaging and stabilized EO/IR systems for a wide variety of airborne, maritime, land based and man-portable applications including intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), combat search and rescue (CSAR), border control and drug interdiction, navigation safety, maritime patrol, force protection and facility security, forward observation, training, targeting, and fire control, and laser weapons designation. FLIR Systems is headquartered in Portland Oregon, with service and manufacturing facilities worldwide. Visit the Company’s web site at
About Aerial Surveillance System

Aerial Surveillance Systems, Inc. is a Scottsdale, Arizona based, responsive, focused and customer-oriented company, which expertly, rapidly and reliably handles all facets of airborne intelligence, surveillance (ISR) and reconnaissance and aerial surveillance and reconnaissance project development and completion. They specialize in low-cost COTS projects. See:

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