Additional airliners for SAA


South African Airways (SAA) has procured four Airbus A350-900s in an effort to improve the airline’s customer offering and commercial prospects.

On Thursday SAA took delivery of the first of four Airbus A350-900s.

“We welcome the first A350 on South African soil. The introduction of the A350s offers a new beginning for the airline and will contribute to the airline’s operational efficiencies and get SAA back on track.

“It is an important step as we continue to make progress to transform our business and return the airline to financial sustainability in the shortest time possible,” SAA Acting CEO Zuks Ramasia said.

SAA said the first aircraft arrived amid excitement with employees welcoming the new acquisition as the latest arrival to boost SAA’s fleet with modern, fuel-efficient aircraft, which presents a superior customer experience.

“The aircraft will operate on one of SAA’s ultra-long haul routes between Johannesburg and New York’s John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK), replacing the Airbus A340-600 and will be operated on a non-stop basis. As additional aircraft are introduced, more routes will be operated by the Airbus A350-900s,” SAA said.

Business and economy class customers will enjoy a quieter cabin and more relaxing environment during flight.

The Airbus A350-900 is configured with a maximum of 339 seats, of which 30 are Business Class and 309 Economy Class. The first six rows in Economy Class offer extra legroom to provide a more comfortable experience, especially on longer flights. The Business Class cabin has lie flat beds.

The aircraft also offers a modern in-flight entertainment system throughout the cabin.

“SAA is set to receive four Airbus A350-900s over a period of six weeks and all four are expected to operate commercially by mid-December following regulatory approval and training. SAA will operate the aircraft for three years,” the airline said.

The first two aircraft are nine months old and previously flew commercially with another carrier.

Aircraft number two and three are scheduled for arrival in the first week of November and the fourth aircraft will arrive in early December.

“The last two aircraft are brand new and will be delivered to SAA directly from the Airbus factory in Toulouse, France. These two are sub-leased from Air Mauritius and will also fly with SAA for three years.

“The commonality and common type rating between the Airbus A350-900 XWB powered aircraft and other Airbus aircraft in SAA’s fleet translate directly into cost saving for training pilots, crew, engineers and technicians as well as spares inventory,” SAA said.

The airline said A350-900 XWB has excellent range/payload performance on long haul flights departing Johannesburg.
“SAA will achieve approximately 25% lower operating costs on the A350-900 XWB, over a five year period, compared with some four-engine aircraft with similar range and payload capabilities.

“SAA will achieve approximately 25% saving in fuel consumption and emissions. Besides lower operating costs, it will reduce SAA’s exposure to South Africa’s recently imposed carbon tax because it is more environmentally friendly and helps achieves global emissions offset mechanism targets for international aviation requirements,” SAA said.

SAA will also benefit from the approximately 40% lower cost for maintaining the A350-900 XWB’s airframe over a five year period, that is, the aircraft excluding the engines, compared with some of its four-engine aircraft it will replace on the Johannesburg-New York-Johannesburg and other routes.

The aircraft are fitted with Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engines. Since entering service in 2015, the Trent XWB engines have flown five million plus hours and are regarded as the world’s most efficient large aero engine.

“With this we extend our relationship with Rolls-Royce and the Trent family of engines by adding the Trent XWB to a fleet that includes the Trent 700, powering the Airbus A330s,” Ramasia said.