42 Africans graduate joint IATA-ATNS programme


A group of 42 African students have successfully completed courses in aviation studies through the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) Training & Development Institute (ITDI) in partnership with South Africa’s Air Traffic and Navigation Services (ATNS) Aviation Training Academy (ATA), taking the total trained in 15 months to 520.

The students, who graduated this weekend, achieved diplomas in Aviation Security, Safety Management in Civil Aviation, Air Navigation Systems Management and Civil Aviation Management.

ITDI has Training Centres around the world, several of which are run in partnership with local training organisations, including the ATNS ATA in South Africa. ITDI was established to develop a pool of talent to lead the air transport industry as it continues evolving to meet an increasingly complex market environment with all of its various challenges.

IATA and the SA ATNS in a joint statement added the courses benefit the industry by producing graduates skilled to international standards. This translates into a motivated and professional workforce less prone to errors, accidents and incidents and inclined to stay with their current employers. This has a direct positive impact on industry costs, stability and continuity. Training is also a cost-effective and productive way to reward and motivate employees.
“This graduate group are paving the way for a new generation of aviation professionals who will be the custodians of an air transport industry that is well-placed to continue unlocking Africa’s socio-economic wealth through its ability to enable trade and tourism,” says Lance Brogden, IATA Vice President, Africa.
“Their graduation also demonstrates the value and credibility of our ITDI partnership with ATNS. The diploma courses meet the worldwide industry standard and are the same as those IATA provides around the world,” he added.

ITDI established the Johannesburg-based centre in 2001 as a partnership venture with ATNS. From January 2009 to date, 520 students have received training on 27 courses offered through the programme. These courses focus on important aspects including Safety Management, Aviation Security, Air Navigation Service/Air Traffic Service Management, Civil Aviation Management, Airline Management, Cargo Management and Human Performance.

The IATA/ATNS training program provides a unique opportunity for industry employees at all levels to learn from a multi-disciplinary and international faculty, the joint release adds. They benefit from IATA’s global vision and experience in the air transport industry and from ATNS expertise in providing safe, orderly, expeditious and efficient air traffic, navigation and associated services.
“We congratulate this impressive group of graduates on their achievement. They have helped to position ATNS in partnership with IATA, as a leader in the provision of global aviation training and professional development programmes, supporting and promoting industry standards worldwide,” said ATNS CE Patrick Dlamini.