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Algeria has acquired SR5 multiple rocket launchers

Algeria appears to have acquired SR5 multiple rocket launchers (MRLs) from China, with a number seen in a convoy in the country. Two...

Rwanda displays new self-propelled artillery

Rwanda has acquired SH3 122 mm self-propelled artillery systems from China, and displayed them during a recent exercise. A single Norinco SH3 was...

Niger operating WZ551 armoured personnel carrier

Niger has been revealed as a new operator of the Chinese WZ551 armoured personnel carrier (APC) after a video emerged of the...

Kenya’s police receive Norinco VN4 armoured vehicles

Kenya's police force has received 30 Norinco VN4 4x4 armoured vehicles from China, which will be used for anti-terror, peacekeeping and police...

EWI2 partners with Norinco on 8M armoured vehicle

South African company EWI2 has partnered with the China North Industries Group Corporation (Norinco) to produce the 8M wheeled mine resistant, ambush...


Lessons learnt from latest Op Copper deployment

The most recent Operation Copper deployment in the Mozambique Channel, in addition to providing valuable "on-the-job" training for both sailors and airmen,...