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Specialist Maritime Security conducts study on Somali anti-piracy initiatives

[Johannesburg, 1 July 2014] - Specialist Maritime Services (SMS) is a fully compliant, accredited South African business registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA), with a vision to bring sustainable peace through security and economic development utilising preferred local partners.

SMS's mission is to provide information and access while facilitating introductions, first phase infrastructure development and logistics in challenging countries, communities and environments throughout the African continent, while ensuring a safe and secure platform of operation.

SMS has its origins in the maritime security industry and continues to evolve and develop strategic thinking using its legitimacy, extensive African network and excellent reach and mobility on the African continent. SMS develops strategic local partnerships that are identified and managed by SMS in accordance with the client's needs, while remaining cognisant of local sensitivities and perceptions through mutual respect and understanding.
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   ATLANTIS Corporation expands defence and maritime security activities
   JUNGHANS MICROTEC has entered into exclusive negotiations with ATLANTIS Group company, AMMS Pty Ltd as the recipient of its mortar fuze technology.
   ATLANTIS allocated 20 year local production fuze licensed
   Atlantis contracted by Armscor to supply submarine signals for A209submarine
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Defence and Aerospace Technology
Specialist Maritime Security conducts study on Somali anti-piracy initiatives

Last updated : 1 July 2014


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