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Atlantis Aviation offers air-land integration, close air support, airborne ISTAR training to Africa

[Johannesburg, 14 August 2014] - "The mountain village where the insurgents were hiding had been used to stockpile weapons since the time of the Russian invasion in the 1980s." Insertion for the operational detachment and their Afghan commando allies was by helicopter. "Upon reaching the infiltration point, the team made a 10-foot jump out of the birds, as the pilots were unable to land. Many of them landed in a waist-deep, icy river, and with the temperatures already around 30 degrees Fahrenheit, the climate began to take its toll. In order to reach their target, the group made its way up a treacherous mountainside to the fortress-like village, which rested on a hill at about 10 000 feet.

When the lead element came to within a few hundred metres of the compound, they began to receive heavy fire from all directions. What ensued was a six-and-a-half-hour firefight, during which the team called in Air Force F-15s for danger-close air support 70 times." Casualties on both sides were severe, but the detachment and their Afghan allies were able to break clean and withdraw due to the battle-winning intervention of Close Air Support.

Air-land integration, or ALI, is a proven force multiplier, enhancing operational commanders' situational awareness, speeding up the decision-making cycle and key to seizing and maintaining the initiative in chaotic, complex, uncertain and hostile environments. It consists of an integrated planning and execution process where intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR) assets are combined with manned and unmanned air and aviation assets to optimise support to operational commanders plans. When employed correctly, it has proven time and again in combined arms, counter insurgency and hybrid warfare environments to be a battle winner at the tactical and operational levels, influencing strategic options and decisions in the process.
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Atlantis Aviation offers air-land integration, close air support, airborne ISTAR training to Africa

Last updated : 14 August 2014


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