Sunday, September 23, 2018
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  1. Tellumat launches its first unmanned aerial vehicle

    Category: Aerospace/Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

    ... tactical surveillance UAV system, suitable for lengthy missions needing real-time surveillance data collection and delivery for missions including border and coastal security, environmental protection ...
    Friday, 21 September 2018
  2. Paramount unveils SWIFT weapons and sensor suite for jets

    Category: Aerospace/Aerospace

    ... Nearly 40 companies from around the world are collaborating on the FLASH system with 15 companies having signed marketing agreements, offering everything from weapons to helicopter ballistic protection ...
    Friday, 21 September 2018
  3. Denel launches T5-52 self-propelled artillery system

    Category: Land/Land

    ... also provides protection to the driveline. The service free driveline is housed inside the tube, protected against dust, moisture and possible external damage. The Tatra chassis gives a top speed ...
    Thursday, 20 September 2018
  4. African operators select Honeywell’s Avionics Protection Plan

    Category: Aerospace/Military Helicopters

    Several Africa-based helicopter operators have selected Honeywell International’s Avionics Protection Plan, including Heliconia of Morocco, Caverton of Nigeria and Titan Helicopters of South Africa.  ...
    Wednesday, 19 September 2018
  5. New M36 Mk6 range from OTT Technologies

    Category: Joint/Logistics

    ... 1200mm the Puma M36 Mk 6C and Mk 6C-2 can take crews to otherwise inaccessible destinations to bring peace and hope to the victims of terrorism and aggression. Protection and survival of crews are ...
    Wednesday, 19 September 2018
  6. Denel showcasing RG41 at AAD 2018

    Category: Land/Land

    ... wheeled armoured combat vehicle and a cost-effective solution for clients who require a combination of high mobility, protection and fire power, says Mxolisi Makhatini, the CEO of Denel Vehicle Systems. ...
    Tuesday, 18 September 2018
  7. Milkor 4x4 ready for production

    Category: Land/Land

    ... Milkor 4x4 is based on a commercial driveline, making maintenance simpler, and is somewhat unusual in that it lacks side doors, as entry and exit is through a rear ramp. A V-shaped hull provides mine protection ...
    Tuesday, 18 September 2018
  8. Nigerian Navy operating Paramount boats

    Category: Security/Maritime Security

    ... training of Special Forces, rescue and patrol operations and the protection of oil and gas assets. The Senior Vice President of Paramount Group, Eric Ichikowitz said: “The procurement of these vessels ...
    Tuesday, 18 September 2018
  9. Denel Vehicle Systems to have a strong presence at AAD

    Category: Land/Land

    ... fire support on a lightweight and mobile 4x4 platform, making it ideal for cost effective convoy protection. Also on display at AAD will be an RG41 8x8 armoured fighting vehicle with an LCT30 as ...
    Monday, 17 September 2018
  10. Milkor to launch new high-speed patrol boat at AAD

    Category: Sea/Sea

    ... and asset protection, and is aimed at coast guards, navies and other operators. At the moment Milkor’s naval business is focussing on the MN Centurion, but may develop a small riverine patrol boat ...
    Monday, 17 September 2018

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