Saturday, March 17, 2018
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  1. EU to step up Libyan coastguard training

    Category: Security/Border Security

    ... by the Italian navy, but Credendino said it was currently impossible to block the import of rubber dinghies used by smugglers.   ...
    Friday, 16 March 2018
  2. SA Navy hydrographer to become the National Hydrographer

    Category: Sea/Sea

    The hydrographic and survey services undertaken by the SA Navy hydrographic office have been recognised at national level with Cabinet this week approving the 2018 Hydrographic Bill that will see the SA ...
    Friday, 16 March 2018
  3. Germany donates patrol boats to Nigeria

    Category: Security/Maritime Security

    Germany has donated five patrol boats to the Nigerian Navy, which will use them to patrol Lake Chad. The boats were handed over on 13 March by Consul General of the German Embassy, Ingo Herbert, ...
    Friday, 16 March 2018
  4. Alternatives for funding SANDF duties

    Category: SA Defence/SA Defence

    ... Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) fund coastal patrol and fisheries protection operations undertaken by the SA Navy and SA Air Force, rather than operating their own little fleet. ...
    Thursday, 15 March 2018
  5. Africom to fight extremists and other threats

    Category: Joint/Diplomacy & Peace

    ... Staff said during an Oct. 23 news conference at the Pentagon. Waldhauser honored the fallen soldiers as well as a Navy special warfare operator, Kyle Milliken, who was killed May 5, 2017, during an ...
    Thursday, 15 March 2018
  6. Russia delivered jets, tanks and missiles to Africa in 2017

    Category: Industry/Industry

    ... year. Egypt also received 19 Ka-52 attack helicopters, out of an order for 46 for the Egyptian Air Force. The country has yet to decide on ordering the navalised Ka-52K for the Egyptian Navy’s Mistral ...
    Wednesday, 14 March 2018
  7. Indian Navy Vessel Tarini calls on SA Navy’s Flag Officer Fleet

    Category: Sea/Sea

    The Indian Navy’s sailboat INSV Tarini docked in Cape Town at the beginning of this month as part of a round-the-world trip, and her crew recently visited the South African Navy’s Flag Officer Fleet Naval ...
    Wednesday, 14 March 2018
  8. Angola orders C295s

    Category: Aerospace/Aerospace

    ... the contract of the Public Investment Programme of the Angolan government. It appears the C295s will be used by the Angolan Navy for maritime surveillance, according to Angolan media. Given the price ...
    Monday, 12 March 2018
  9. Kenya proposes establishing a coast guard

    Category: Security/Maritime Security

    ... said. At least 30 marine servicemen have been recruited from the Kenyan Navy personnel to crew the vessel. The vessel has a carrying capacity of 35 crew and a maximum cruising capacity of 35 knots. ...
    Friday, 09 March 2018
  10. Nigerian Navy to receive two more Ocea patrol boats

    Category: Sea/Sea

    The Nigerian Navy will soon receive two new FPB 110 patrol boats from France’s Ocea, which has completed sea trials of the vessels and will load them onto a freighter for Nigeria. The vessels are ...
    Friday, 09 March 2018

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