Saturday, December 15, 2018
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  1. US to counter China, Russia influence in Africa

    Category: Joint/Diplomacy & Peace

    The United States plans to counter the rapidly expanding economic and political influence of China and Russia in Africa, where the nations use corrupt business practices with little regard for the rule ...
    Friday, 14 December 2018
  2. Russia, China abstain on U.N. Central Africa vote, unhappy with France

    Category: Joint/Diplomacy & Peace

    Russia and China abstained on Thursday in a United Nations vote to extend a peacekeeping mission in Central African Republic (CAR) because the French-drafted resolution did not make direct reference to ...
    Friday, 14 December 2018
  3. U.S. to counter China, Russia influence in Africa

    Category: Governance/Governance

    The United States plans to counter the rapidly expanding Chinese and Russian economic and political influence in Africa, U.S. national security adviser John Bolton said on Thursday, calling business practices ...
    Friday, 14 December 2018
  4. France donates weapons, vehicles to Central African Republic

    Category: Land/Land

    ... to be delivered. Another exemption was earlier made in 2017 for Russia to supply 1 700 AK-47s to the Central African Republic’s military. However, in June France, Britain, and the United States blocked ...
    Thursday, 13 December 2018
  5. Brazil court overturns injunction blocking Boeing-Embraer deal

    Category: DailyNews/International News

    ... realignment in the global aerospace market in decades, strengthening established Western planemakers against newcomers from China, Russia and Japan. Boeing and Embraer executives have said they are ...
    Thursday, 13 December 2018
  6. US dominates the Top 100 global arms companies list

    Category: DailyNews/International News

    ... “The gap between Lockheed Martin and Boeing—the two largest arms producers in the world—increased from $11 billion in 2016 to $18 billion in 2017,” says Fleurant. Russia becomes the second largest ...
    Tuesday, 11 December 2018
  7. Russia wants charges against former ambassador dropped

    Category: Governance/Governance

    Russia asked Italy to drop charges against a former ambassador caught up in a Nigerian corruption case, legal documents showed. Ednan Tofik ogly Agaev, a former Russian ambassador in Colombia, is ...
    Friday, 07 December 2018
  8. First edition of Edex underway in Egypt

    Category: Industry/Industry

    ... country that is exhibiting in force is Russia, which has arms exporter Rosoboronexport, the Russian Helicopters holding company and Uralvagonzavod, which are part of the Rostec corporation, and Almaz-Antey, ...
    Tuesday, 04 December 2018
  9. Pentagon looks to exoskeletons to build 'super-soldiers'

    Category: Joint/Science & Defence Technology

    ... Analyses, a federally funded U.S. research and development centre, said Russia and China were also investing in exoskeleton technologies, “in parallel” to the U.S. advances. Russia, in particular, ...
    Friday, 30 November 2018
  10. Conference warns against complacency over Somali piracy

    Category: Security/Maritime Security

    ... China, India and Russia, the maritime industry and UN agencies and organisations discussed transparently the challenges and how counter-piracy efforts can best be aligned to ensure the free flow of commerce. ...
    Thursday, 29 November 2018

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