Monday, May 21, 2018
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Nigerian Air Force - News Archive

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  1. Nigerian Air Force highlights expansion during anniversary celebrations

    Category: Aerospace/Aerospace

    The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has highlighted its expansion, including personnel and aircraft, during its recent 54th anniversary celebrations. During the celebrations on 5 May, Chief of the Air ...
    Tuesday, 08 May 2018
  2. Nigerian Air Force receives additional Mi-35Ms

    Category: Aerospace/Military Helicopters

    The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has taken delivery of another two Mi-35M attack helicopters from Russia, bringing the total delivered to four, out of twelve on order. The two aircraft were delivered ...
    Thursday, 03 May 2018
  3. Islamic State ally stakes out territory around Lake Chad

    Category: Security/National Security

    ... extends more than 100 miles into the northeastern Nigerian states of Borno and Yobe, where government has in many areas all but vanished after a decade of conflict. The Islamists have not been defeated, ...
    Monday, 30 April 2018
  4. At least four killed in Boko Haram attack on Nigerian city

    Category: Security/Civil Security

    ... conflict, and an unexploded bomb dropped by the Nigerian air force lying nearby. The government has been saying since December 2015 that the jihadist group has been defeated but high profile attacks ...
    Monday, 30 April 2018
  5. Nigeria's Senate seeks explanation of $462 million to buy helicopters

    Category: Aerospace/Military Helicopters

    ... and the Minister of Defence to tell us how this money was withdrawn and paid into an American company without the approval of the Senate,” he said. On Monday the Chief of Air Staff of the Nigerian ...
    Wednesday, 18 April 2018
  6. Armed Forces of Liberia gets new pilots

    Category: Aerospace/Aerospace

    The Nigerian Air Force has finished training two Liberian pilots, the first since the end of that country’s civil war in 2003, and who will now return to Liberia to help establish the Liberia Air Wing. ...
    Wednesday, 18 April 2018
  7. Nigeria and Niger carry out joint strikes against Boko Haram

    Category: Security/Civil Security

    Aircraft from the Nigerien and Nigerian air forces have carried out air strikes against Boko Haram positions in a joint operation. The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) on 10 April said the Air Task Force ...
    Tuesday, 17 April 2018
  8. Nigeria to manufacture Beryl assault rifles

    Category: Land/Land

    ... rifles in Nigeria, according to manufacturer Fabryka Broni. PGZ president Jakub Skiba said the Nigerian military has been using the Beryl M762 for several years and has been happy with its performance. ...
    Thursday, 29 March 2018
  9. Israeli arms exports to Africa growing

    Category: Industry/Industry

    ... potential customer for Israel systems. There are no details on specific deals but sources say that the army of this country has evaluated different Israeli made UAVs. In 2006 the Nigerian Air Force received ...
    Monday, 19 March 2018
  10. Prosecution sought for alleged air force killings in Nigeria

    Category: Security/Civil Security

    Nigerian community leaders demanded the air force be prosecuted for alleged attacks on villages in the north-eastern state Adamawa, which they say killed 78 people. Human rights campaign group ...
    Monday, 12 March 2018

Company News

  • BRONCO II launched for USA
    by Paramount Group, 10 May 2018

    The BRONCO II's internal Interchangeable Multi-Mission System Bay allows a single airframe to be rapidly reconfigured to perform multiple roles.

  • AHRLAC/Mwari enters production and preparing first deliveries
    by Paramount Group, 8 May 2018

    The Ahrlac and its armed variant, the Mwari, are being developed and produced at Wonderboom Airport by Ahrlac Holdings, co-owned by Paramount Group.

  • defenceWeb launches new drone portal
    by defenceWeb, 7 May 2018

    The unmanned aerial vehicle portal will focus exclusively on military and commercial unmanned aviation, regulations and technology.