Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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  1. CAR war crimes suspect protests Hague transfer

    Category: Joint/Diplomacy & Peace

    ... to The Hague tribunal. Yekatom, wanted by the ICC for alleged deportation and torture of Muslims in the Central African Republic, was arrested by local officials on October 29 and handed to ICC ...
    Monday, 26 November 2018
  2. Interpol simulation exercise for war crimes investigators

    Category: Joint/Diplomacy & Peace

    ... with the fundamental skills needed to investigate these international crimes. Experts in investigation of war crimes from the International Criminal Court (ICC) shared their expertise with participants, ...
    Tuesday, 20 November 2018
  3. CAR war crimes suspect handed to ICC

    Category: Joint/Diplomacy & Peace

    ... from Yekatom or lawyers representing him. A U. commission of inquiry found Christian militias under Yekatom carried out war crimes and crimes against humanity by targeting Muslims. The ICC ...
    Monday, 19 November 2018
  4. Russian military veterans seek ICC investigation of mercenary deployments

    Category: Joint/Diplomacy & Peace

    Groups representing Russian military veterans plan to ask the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate Russia’s secret deployment of civilian contractors in Syria, Ukraine and Africa, a paramilitary ...
    Monday, 12 November 2018
  5. Darfur attackers should face prosecution – UN

    Category: Joint/Diplomacy & Peace

    A UN watchdog told Sudan to prosecute security forces for attacks in Darfur between 2014 and 2016 and co-operate with the International Criminal Court (ICC), which issued an arrest warrant for President ...
    Friday, 02 November 2018
  6. Latest global piracy report shows danger in the Gulf of Guinea

    Category: Security/Maritime Security

    A total of 156 incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships were reported to the ICC International Maritime Bureau’s (IMB) Piracy Reporting Centre (PRC) in the first nine months of 2018 compared ...
    Wednesday, 31 October 2018
  7. Witness tampering sentence for Bemba, but no jail time

    Category: Security/Human Security

    The International Criminal Court (ICC) fined Congolese politician Jean-Pierre Bemba 300,000 euros ($350,730) and sentenced him to 12 months for witness tampering, but his jail term was reduced to zero ...
    Tuesday, 18 September 2018
  8. Trump takes aim at ICC, PLO

    Category: DailyNews/International News

    ... could include sanctions against ICC judges should prosecutions proceed, Bolton warned. He added the Palestine Liberation Organisation office in Washington was ordered closed out of concern about ...
    Tuesday, 11 September 2018
  9. Ntaganda says he is not the Terminator

    Category: Joint/Diplomacy & Peace

    A former Congo military leader on trial for charges ranging from murder and rape to conscripting child soldiers and sexual slavery told judges at the International Criminal Court (ICC) he was “a revolutionary, ...
    Friday, 31 August 2018
  10. ICC prosecutor calls for conviction in DRC sexual slavery case

    Category: Joint/Diplomacy & Peace

    The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) called on judges to convict a former Congo military leader on charges ranging from murder and rape to conscripting child soldiers and sexual slavery. ...
    Wednesday, 29 August 2018

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