Monday, December 18, 2017
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  1. Additional probe ordered into joint Somali/US raid

    Category: Joint/Diplomacy & Peace

    The head of US forces in Africa has ordered an additional investigation into an August raid in Somalia by Somali and American forces, the US military said. Last month, the US military said it did ...
    Friday, 15 December 2017
  2. Small US Army post supports counterterrorism fight in Africa

    Category: Joint/Diplomacy & Peace

    ... provides security and logistics support for U.S. Africa Command's unmanned aerial vehicles, which gather intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance of nearby hot spots to help the Cameroonians locate ...
    Thursday, 14 December 2017
  3. Military not only solution to African terrorism - US official

    Category: Joint/Diplomacy & Peace

    U.S.-led efforts in Africa are vitally important as African nations confront complex and growing threats from multiple terrorist groups, including the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, al-Qaida affiliates ...
    Tuesday, 12 December 2017
  4. The African battle space is not the Middle East – Ichikowitz

    Category: Land/Land

    When Donald Trump was elected U.S. president, speculation as to what this meant for African security was rife. The uncertainty persists among policymakers and analysts alike. But the indicators are already ...
    Thursday, 07 December 2017
  5. US military explains Somalia presence

    Category: Joint/Diplomacy & Peace

    The U.S. response to the challenges in Somalia has been to work with the Federal Government and the Federal Member state administrations, in coordination with the African Union, the United Nations, and ...
    Wednesday, 06 December 2017
  6. No Somali citizens killed in US raid

    Category: Security/National Security

    The US military did not kill any civilians when it accompanied Somali forces on a deadly raid in August, US Africa Command said in the first public statement on the findings from an investigation.  ...
    Friday, 01 December 2017
  7. African militaries must prioritise logistics

    Category: Joint/Logistics

    A significant development in the post-Cold War period has been African states’ active involvement in peacekeeping operations. Of the 105,078 personnel deployed in support of nine United Nations peacekeeping ...
    Tuesday, 28 November 2017
  8. US air strike target IS militants in Somalia

    Category: Security/National Security

    ... eastern Somalia on November 27, killing one terrorist,” US Africa Command said in a statement. Colonel Ali Abdi, a military officer in Qandala in the semi-autonomous Puntland region, said the strike ...
    Tuesday, 28 November 2017
  9. Somalia requested US air strike

    Category: Security/National Security

    ...  The United States military’s Africa Command said on Tuesday it killed more than 100 al Qaeda-linked insurgents in an air strike on a camp north-west Mogadishu. “Those militants were preparing ...
    Thursday, 23 November 2017
  10. U.S. carries out air strikes against Islamic State in Libya

    Category: Security/Civil Security

    The U.S. military said on Tuesday that it had conducted two air strikes against Islamic States militants in Libya in the past few days. In a statement, U.S. Africa Command said one strike was carried ...
    Wednesday, 22 November 2017

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