Saturday, December 15, 2018
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A Guide to the SANDF


Below follows extracts from Leon Engelbrecht's unpublished "Guide to the SANDF".
It may be quoted as Leon Engelbrecht, A Guide to the SANDF, Unpublished Manuscript, Johannesburg, 2006.
Exercise caution – verify contents against current defenceWeb reporting!
The draft documents have not been edited, fact checked, peer reviewed or comprehensively supplied with acknowledgments and references. They have also not been updated since at least 2006.
The manuscript was written between 2003 and 2006 and is published here in the public interest and because much of this information is still relevant and not available elsewhere in the public domain.

Battles and battlefields

defenceWeb editor Leon Engelbrecht is a keen student of military history and has over the last decade, or so, had the opportunity to visit, photograph and research several battles and battlefields. 

He warns that he is, at best, an amateur historian and that his research is constrained by both time and resources. He is, however, passionate on the subject and is keen to make available what he has learned to the broader public, in the general interest.        

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