Saturday, October 21, 2017
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SA Army keen on Black Hornet UAV

A Black Hornet UAV.Desert Wolf has been demonstrating the Black Hornet mini-unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to the South African Army, which has shown strong interest in acquiring the system.


Togo to receive ex-French Gazelles?

A Gazelle helicopter.Togo may receive five ex-French Army Gazelle helicopters as the procurement process is being reviewed by the French government.

Fighting shuts down Libya’s Mitiga airport

Fighting closes Mitiga airportCivilian flights were suspended for several hours at the Libyan capital’s Mitiga airport on Monday and Tuesday as rival armed groups clashed nearby, a spokesman said.

French military charter plane crashes

Chartered aircraft crashes in AbidjanFour Moldovan citizens were killed and two others injured when a cargo plane chartered by the French military crashed into the sea near the airport in Abidjan, Ivorian and French officials said.

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