Saturday, April 18, 2015
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More than just IFE - Thales expands its offer into InFlyt Experience

Thales will reshape its in-flight entertainment and connectivity activities into Thales InFlyt Experience.


German A400M makes first foreign flight to Senegal

A German Air Force A400M.A German Air Force A400M has flown the type’s first foreign mission in German service, with a non-stop flight between Germany and Senegal.

New U.N. site for flights in conflict zones issues warnings on Libya, Egypt

Jetliners.A new United Nations website distributing warnings about risks to aircraft in conflict zones issued its first advisories on Wednesday, for countries including Libya, Iraq, Egypt and South Sudan.

Libya Dawn apparently refurbishing MiG-25s

Libyan MiG-25s and MiG-23s.The Libya Dawn militia group appears to be making a number of MiG-25 aircraft operational, with satellite imagery showing two of the aircraft moved to an air base in Misrata.

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