Thursday, October 30, 2014
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New gallery: AHRLAC

AHRLAC taking off from Wonderboom.The Paramount Group Advanced High-performance Reconnaissance Light Aircraft (AHRLAC), South Africa’s first new manned military aircraft in decades, first flew on July 26, 2014, from Wonderboom Airport and is undergoing flight testing. A second prototype will fly in 2015. Click here to view the gallery.


New leader for the Silver Falcons

A Silver Falcons PC-7.The official aerobatic display team of the South African Air Force (SAAF) has a new team leader.

Saab and Brazil sign contract for Gripen NG

The defence company will develop and produce 36 Gripen NG fighter aircraft for the Brazilian Air Force.


Aerodyne unveils new round military parachute

A parachute drop.Parachute manufacturer Aerodyne Research Manufacturing has high hopes for its new MC1-1X static line military parachute which it claims is far more stable than the traditional round military troop parachutes and descends more slowly.

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