Tuesday, June 27, 2017
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Explosion on ship off Somali coast

Explosion on ship off Somali coastA huge explosion was heard from a ship off the coast of Somalia's Puntland region on Monday and flames were seen rising from what was possibly a foreign naval vessel, an official told Reuters.

Indian warship visits the Cape

The INS Tarkash in Cape Town.In the final stages of a three-and-a-half month, two ocean goodwill and naval exercise mission, Indian Naval Ship (INS) Tarkash arrived in Table Bay Harbour, Cape Town, on Wednesday morning.


First cut of steel sees major milestone achieved

Navantia was awarded the contract to construct the ships that will replace the Royal Australian Navy's current supply ships.


Armscor seeking inflatable body armour for the SA Navy

Armscor is seeking ballistic protection for SA Navy personnel.Armscor is looking to acquire inflatable body armour for the South African Navy, and on 1 June issued a tender for approximately 100 buoyant armour jackets.


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