Sunday, February 01, 2015
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New African military profile: Uganda

Ugandan Nyoka.The Uganda People’s Defence Force is focusing on implementing its Defence Strategic Infrastructural Investment Plan (DSIIP), which is professionalising the military and building its capacity, with the help of recent oil money. In spite of acquisitions like six Su-30 fighters, much of the defence budget goes towards operational and personnel requirements, especially due to involvement in Somalia and combatting various rebel groups. Click here to learn more about Uganda’s military.


High-power wideband jamming antennas

The Poynting Defence and Specialised's range includes the OMNI-A0201 and the OMNI-A0221, which are designed for vehicle-mount applications.


French VBCI armoured vehicles supporting Sangaris force in CAR

A French VBCI vehicle in the CAR.The French army has deployed 16 VBCI wheeled armoured vehicles to support its forces in the Central African Republic (CAR), where it says the vehicle is proving highly effective for asymmetric operations.

Algerian army clears 758 607 anti-personnel mines and unexploded ordnance in 10 years

Landmines.The Algerian People's National Army (PNA) says it has destroyed a total of 758 607 anti-personnel mines and land-mines along the country's eastern and western borders in the decade between 2004 and December 2014.

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