Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Denel's products get shown to defence decision-makers in Malaysia

The company's landward defence and missile technology can be seen at the Defence Services Asia Exhibition from 14 to 17 April.


New products struggling in tough armoured vehicles market – OTT

An OTT Technologies Puma armoured vehicle.Eighteen months ago, local company OTT Technologies unveiled three new products at Africa Aerospace and Defence 2012, including two armoured vehicles and a crowd control vehicle. However, given the tough market for armoured vehicles, selling these new models has been tough.

Worlds smallest Tetra radio device, TH1n, to serve special units of police in Lower Saxony

Used in undercover operations, the Tetra radio device, TH1n, will serve special units of police in Lower Saxony.

300 Libyan Army soldiers return from training in Turkey

Libyan Army recruits.Nearly 300 members of the Libyan Army have returned home after successfully completing a commando training course in Turkey as part of an international military programme to train more than 15 000 Libyan troops over the next decade.

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