Wednesday, October 22, 2014
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OTT expands Puma M36 range

An OTT Puma M36 recovery vehicle.OTT Technologies has expanded its Puma M36 armoured vehicle range, with its ambulance, munitions disposal and recovery variants being sold to United Nations peacekeeping partner countries.

New African Military Profile: Zimbabwe

A Zimbabwean K-8.Zimbabwe’s military has been badly affected by Western sanctions that have been in place for the last 13 years – the chief of the Air Force recently said his equipment had been degraded by a lack of spares as a result. Zimbabwe has consequently turned East, receiving significant military support from China, which has supplied hardware like K-8 jets and provided $98 million to fund the construction of the National Defence College, which was completed in 2013. Click here to read more about the Zimbabwe Defence Forces.


New African Military Profile: Zambia

Zambian soldiers.Soldiers in the Zambia Defence Force have this year been complaining about delayed and frozen salaries and the removal of government subsidies for things like food and fuel. Although the Zambian government has said it would upgrade the military’s equipment and infrastructure, such efforts are being hampered by a lack of funding. Click here to read more about the Zambia Defence Force.

Chinese company to build 12 000 houses for Tanzanian People's Defence Force

Tanzanian soldiers.The Tanzanian Ministry of Defence and National Service has contracted the Shanghai Construction Group of China to construct 12 000 housing units for the Tanzanian People's Defence Force (TPDF) in a two-phase project financed by a $550 million loan from the Exim Bank of China.

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