Sunday, September 25, 2016
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SA Defence

Revamped SAA Airbus A340-600 to become new presidential aircraft?

Revamped SAA aircraft for ZumaPresident Jacob Zuma’s flight to New York aboard an SAA jet last Friday is proof positive South Africa does not need to buy another VVIP aircraft, opposition Freedom Front Plus party defence spokesman Pieter Groenewald maintains.

Second SANDF vehicle crash in Free State within a month

Samil 50 crashes at nA crash near Bethlehem in Free State - the second in the province in less than a month involving military vehicles - earlier this week left 46 soldiers with injuries ranging from minor to critical.

Zuma and Ramaphosa want to fly SAAF – Presidency

Zuma wants to fly SAAFThe Presidency has entered the fray around the apparent non-use of Inkwazi by South Africa’s first citizen saying President Jacob Zuma would “prefer” using SA Air Force (SAAF) aircraft.

Denel unveils Africa Truck – successor to the SAMIL?

The Denel Africa Truck outside its stand at AAD. Photo by Jonathan Katzenellenbogen.Denel has unveiled the prototype of its “Africa Truck”, which is likely to emerge as its offering to replace the South African National Defence Force’s (SANDF) aging fleet of Samil military trucks.

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