Friday, December 02, 2016
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SA Defence

Soldiers involved in Port Elizabeth eviction showed “contempt” for the rule of law

Port Elizabeth military house eviction illegalA Port Elizabeth High Court judge has ruled conduct of soldiers who apparently illegally evicted people from houses on Port Elizabeth’s Forest Hill military base amounted to “brazen contempt of the rule of law”.


New JOps deputy chief named, but no word on a new Chief

SANDF promotions and transfersIt appears no decision has yet been taken on who will become the next commander of the SA National Defence Force’s (SANDF) Joint Operations Division.


Zuma uses charter for Castro memorial service in Cuba while Inkwazi jets around South Africa

VVIP acquisitionThe Commander-in-Chief’s apparent aversion to using the Presidential BBJ Inkwazi continues with a Democratic Alliance (DA) MP pointing out Inkwazi was tracked flying to East London and Langebaanweg while Jacob Zuma made use of a chartered aircraft to attend a memorial service in Cuba this week.

E-procurement hiccup apparently at the root of SANDF ration shortage

Wet rations run out at some infantry battalionsSuppliers not properly registered or not registered at all on National Treasury’s Central Supplier Database (CSD) have been blamed for the breakdown in delivery of wet rations to at least three SA Army units.


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