Friday, March 27, 2015
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SA Defence

More donations needed to make SANDF Education Trust sustainable

SANDF Education Trust still needs donationsThe SANDF Education Trust has awarded 56 bursaries to the value of more than R700,000 for the current academic year – 17 more than in its first year of existence.

New Military Discipline Bill on the way

New Military Discipline Bill comingParticipation in strikes, secondary strikes and unlawful or illegal labour actions will in future be sufficient grounds for dismissal from the SA National Defence Force (SANDF).

Operation Copper stretching SA Navy

A South African Navy offshore patrol vessel.Operation Copper, the anti-piracy deployment in the Mozambique Channel, is a demanding and expensive operation that is stretching the South African Navy, according to Flag Officer Fleet.

SANDF out in force at the Rand Show

A SAAF Oryx at the Rand Show.The SA National Defence Force (SANDF) will be part and parcel of the Rand Show right from the official opening Friday after next along with arena and static displays for the duration of the event at the Johannesburg Expo Centre.

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