Thursday, October 30, 2014
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SA Defence

Defence Amendment Bill rejected by Parliament

Parliament rejects Defence Amendment BillThe rejection of a Private Members Bill by the Portfolio Committee on Defence was this week, inevitably, followed by Parliamentary rejection and signals a complete breakdown of scrutiny and oversight of defence acquisition.

Army Reserves are Operation Corona backbone

Army Reserves are the major compomnent of Op CoronaThe ongoing border protection tasking assigned to the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) by Cabinet would be nowhere near as successful as it is if the contribution made by the Reserve Force component of the SA Army is taken away.

Defence Intelligence spy satellite saga continues

Project Flute making waves againSouth Africa’s defence intelligence community is still on track to acquire a military satellite at a cost of over R1 billion.

Twenty-six African military attaches in South Africa

Foreign military representation in South AfricaThere are currently 26 African countries with military representation at embassies and high commissions in South Africa – seven more than South Africa has posted on the continent.

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