Monday, May 30, 2016
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SA Defence

Electronic Warfare to the fore

Aardvark Roost EW talksMembers of the South African Chapter of the Association of Old Crows (AOC), known as the Aardvark Roost, held their 13th Little Crow Conference in Simon's Town earlier this month. The event was preceded by an Electronic Warfare (EW) industry visit to the Tellumat facility in Retreat.

Shoke slams Tempe’s sleeping sentries

Shoke on Tempe's sleeping sentriesGeneral Solly Shoke, the country’s top soldier and a firm believer in strict discipline, said the actions of two sentries robbed while asleep on duty at Tempe military base last year was “a disgrace”.

Union Buildings “special leave” protestors recalled

Union Buildings protestors recalled to serviceSA National Defence Force (SANDF) Chief, General Solly Shoke, has decided enough is enough as regards the aftermath of the 2009 march on the Union Buildings.


Seriti commission final cost tops R130 million

Fibal cost of Seriti Commission exceeds R130 millionThe Seriti Commission of Enquiry into the Strategic Defence Procurement Packages (SDPPs), better known as the Arms Deal, has been widely condemned as a whitewash and it has now emerged the taxpayer forked out over R137 million to pay for it.

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