Monday, October 23, 2017
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Review of Angola oil industry on the way

Angola oil industry reviewAngola’s new president ordered a 30-day review of the nation’s oil industry to address“significant” challenges, his first foray into the key business since he took office last month.

Liberian slum residents demand change

Liberia slum residents on electionCrammed into tumbledown shacks on a sandspit the Atlantic Ocean is steadily devouring, residents of Liberia’s most notorious slum have a common desire: an end to their daily struggle with dire poverty.

Kenya opposition leader’s sister faces charges

Odinga family face charges in KenyaKenyan prosecutors will charge the sister of opposition leader Raila Odinga and an opposition senator with incitement to violence after attacks on the election board, the chief prosecutor’s office said.

Call for mass protest on Kenya voting day

Call for mass boycott of Kenya electionKenya’s opposition leader Raila Odinga calle for a mass protest on October 26, the date the country is due to hold a presidential vote he is boycotting.

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