Tuesday, May 31, 2016
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Nigeria plans talks with oil region on grievances, continues army crackdown

Muhammadu Buhari.Nigeria's president on Sunday said he would hold talks with leaders in the oil-producing Delta region to address their grievances in a bid to stop a surge in pipeline attacks, but that an army crackdown would continue.

Kenya's opposition suspends anti-election body protests

Rioting in Kenya.Kenya's main opposition coalition said on Wednesday it would suspend its weekly protests against the election commission to give calls for dialogue a chance.

Thousands march for Mugabe

Thousands march for MugabeThousands of people marched through Zimbabwe's capital Harare on Wednesday in support of President Robert Mugabe as he denounced "treasonous" factions in his ZANU-PF party feuding over who should succeed the 92-year-old leader.

UN concerned by rising political tension in Congo ahead of vote

UN concerned about political unrest in DRCUnited Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday voiced concern about reports of rising political tension in the Democratic Republic of the Congo due to uncertainty about a presidential election scheduled to take place later this year.

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