Friday, October 09, 2015
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U.N. proposes national unity government for Libya's warring factions, obstacles remain

altThe United Nations on Thursday proposed to a national unity government to Libya's warring factions meant to end their conflict, but any deal must overcome resistance from hardliners and pass a vote in their rival parliaments to succeed.

Burkina Faso coup cost economy more than $50 mln -govt

Burkinabe soldiers.A failed military coup in Burkina Faso last month cost its flagging economy more than $50 million in lost revenue, the finance minister said on Wednesday.

Maldives boat blast was attempt on president's life - minister

The speedboat of the Maldives president.An explosion on a speedboat carrying Maldives President Abudullah Yameen was an assassination attempt, the minister at his office told Reuters on Tuesday, citing the findings of international investigators.

Libya's elected parliament extends mandate, complicating peace talks

altLibya's elected parliament voted on Monday to extend its mandate, due to expire on Oct. 20, in a move likely to complicate U.N. attempts to end a crisis between the country's two rival governments.

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