Thursday, October 27, 2016
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DR Congo’s Kabila courts regional support as opposition prepares “red card”

Joseph Kabila.When Democratic Republic of Congo's eastern neighbours took advantage of an outbreak of political turmoil to invade in 1998, President Laurent Kabila turned to regional powerhouse Angola for help.

DA to challenge South Africa’s ICC withdrawal in court

DA will go to Constitutional Court on ICCSouth Africa's main opposition party has filed papers with the Constitutional Court to challenge the government's decision to pull out of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Kenya president commutes death sentences to life in prison

Death sentences commuted in KenyaPresident Uhuru Kenyatta commuted all death sentences in Kenya to life jail terms on Monday, removing 2,747 convicts from death row in a nation that has not executed anyone for about three decades.


Burkina Faso forces foiled coup attempt – minister

Burkina Faso coup foiledSecurity forces in Burkina Faso foiled a coup attempt on October 8 by about 30 members of the ex-presidential guard, known as the RSP, Interior Minister Simon Compaore said on Friday.

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