Tuesday, October 16, 2018
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Science & Defence Technology

Nammo develops supercavitating ammunition

A Nammo Swimmer round.While traditional ammunition is either stopped or deflected when it hits water, Nammo’s 30 mm Swimmer (APFSDS-T MK 258 Mod 1) swims straight through water, thanks to a groundbreaking design on the supercavitating projectile developed in cooperation with the US Navy.


New coating keeps ships at sea longer

A ship hull.A new corrosion-resistant coating that halved the build-up of algae and barnacles on ship hydraulic components is now being trialled on HMAS Canberra, one of the Royal Australian Navy's landing helicopter dock ships.


Naval technology used in shark repellent system

Naval technology used in shark repellentThat military – and in this instance naval – technology can be successfully adapted to civilian use has again been demonstrated, this time by Armscor’s Institute for Maritime Technology (IMT).

New US Army technology guides soldiers in complete darkness

A night vision camera.Researchers at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory have developed a new type of thermal imaging camera that allows Soldiers to see hidden objects that were previously undetectable.

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