Sunday, July 24, 2016
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Science & Defence Technology

Facebook's solar-powered internet drone takes flight

altFacebook said on Thursday it had completed a successful test flight of a solar-powered drone that it hopes will help it extend internet connectivity to every corner of the planet.

EU eyes Israeli technologies for spotting militants online

altEuropean powers are looking to Israeli-developed technology to develop better means for spotting "lone-wolf" militants based on their online activity, a senior EU security official said on Tuesday.

SpaceX rocket lifts off on cargo run, then lands at launch site

A SpaceX Dragon capsule.An unmanned SpaceX rocket blasted off from Florida early on Monday to send a cargo ship to the International Space Station, then turned around and landed itself back at the launch site.

Unmanned below the radar at Farnborough, but the arms race is well underway

The AUDS jammer. Photo by Jonathan Katzenellenbogen.An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) arms race is underway as defence technology companies work on greater stealth and protection against interference - and new ways of bringing down potentially threatening drones.

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