Monday, June 18, 2018
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Science & Defence Technology

Nammo unveils ramjet artillery shell

A 155 mm Nammo ramjet round.Rocket-assisted projectiles (RAP) have been around for decades, but Nammo has gone a step further by using a solid fuel ramjet to reach ranges of over 100km, which requires no modification to the 155mm gun.


Aardvark Roost holds Little Crow EW conference in Simons Town

Aardvark Roost conference.Electronic warfare (EW) interest group Aardvark Roost held its 16th Mini Aardvark Roost Conference in Simons Town in the Western Cape, where electronic warfare and other electromagnetic spectrum topics came under the spotlight.


Google bars uses of its artificial intelligence tech in weapons

Google.Google will not allow its artificial intelligence software to be used in weapons or unreasonable surveillance efforts under new standards for its business decisions in the nascent field, the Alphabet Inc unit said on Thursday.

Submarine crack detection technology now applied to rail lines

Submarine crack technology applied to railThe synergy between military and civilian applications has again been shown with the Institute for Maritime Technology’s (IMT) ultrasonic broken rail detector (UBRD).

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