Saturday, August 02, 2014
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Science & Defence Technology

Global military training and simulation market worth $6.8 billion

A ship simulator.Frost & Sullivan recently published three market analyses on the Training and Simulation (T&S) market. According to the consulting firm, the overall T&S market will “offer slightly decreasing but stable revenue between 2013 and 2022,” going from $6.841 bn to $6.358 bn as virtual training becomes more widely used.

Combatting rhino poaching with an Activity Based Intelligence-driven approach

De-horned rhinos.The poaching of wildlife, and especially that of rhinos and lately elephants, has become a major concern for authorities in Southern Africa. One tool in the fight against poaching is to use patterns-of-life analysis to root out poachers who blend in to local communities.

October date set for second SA training and simulation conference

Simulation training conferenceWith no foreseeable relief in sight for an already stretched defence budget, the cost advantages of making more use of simulation tools for training are one way of making the defence Rand go further.

Non-lethal anti-theft smoke system displayed at IFSEC

SmokeCloak in action.Local company Transaction Control Technologies (TCT) demonstrated the innovative SmokeCloak anti-thief and robber security system at the IFSEC safety and security conference in Midrand this week.

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