Thursday, February 23, 2017
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Science & Defence Technology

Airbus and Namibia to set up virtual space data centre

The Namib desert seen from space. Airbus photo.Airbus and the Namibia University of Science & Technology (NUST) have agreed to collaborate in establishing a Virtual Space Data Centre in Windhoek to assist the country in monitoring and growing key elements of its economy.

India launches record 104 satellites at one go

An Indian rocket launches nano satellites.India successfully launched 104 satellites in a single mission on Wednesday, setting what its space agency says is a world record of launching the most satellites at one go.

BAE Systems pursuing advanced laser technology

The laser lens concept by BAE Systems.In the next fifty years, scientists at BAE Systems believe that battlefield commanders could deploy a new type of directed energy laser and lens system, called a Laser Developed Atmospheric Lens, which is capable of enhancing commanders’ ability to observe adversaries’ activities over much greater distances than existing sensors.

US Army flies 'Hoverbike' prototype

A prototype Hoverbike in flight.The US Army Research Laboratory and industry partners have demonstrated the flying capabilities of a unique rectangular-shaped quadcopter also called the hoverbike.

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