Sunday, April 22, 2018
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Science & Defence Technology

Space Weather Centre unveiled in Hermanus

The space weather facility in Hermanus. The Department of Science and Technology has unveiled the upgraded Space Weather Regional Warning Centre in Hermanus, Western Cape.


US Army scientists uncover way to stop cyber intrusions

altUS Army-funded researchers at the University of California in Los Angles have found a proverbial smoking gun signature of the long sought-after Majorana particle, and the find, they say, could block intruders on sensitive communication networks.


Additive manufacturing and ceramics composites

Safran open rotor engine.At least two technologies will prove critical in tomorrow’s aerospace industry. The first is ceramic-matrix composites technology (CMC or “ceramics”), which feature very high temperature-resistance. The second is additive manufacturing (AM or 3D printing), which provides great flexibility.


British scientists on the brink of titanium revolution

Titanium manufacturing.The UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) in Porton Down has revolutionised the production of titanium by reducing the 40-stage process down to just two steps and potentially halving the cost.


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