Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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Border Security

New technology to fight poachers in Tanzania

Tanzania using technology to fight poachersIn Tanzania’s Grumeti Game Reserve, next to Serengeti National Park, elephants roam, rangers sleep more peacefully at night and poachers are on notice, thanks to new technology designed to protect one of the world’s most endangered species.

Migrant boat sinks off Turkey

Migrant boat sinks off TurkeyFour people died when a migrant boat sank off the west coast of Turkey, the Turkish interior ministry said, adding 30 migrants were still missing.

Successful conviction rate cements top award for Ugandan ranger

Ugandan ranger honouredOne of his achievements is 620 successful convictions for wildlife crimes and this contributed to Ugandan wildlife ranger Julius Obwona being named the 2018 Tusk Wildlife Ranger of the Year.

Migrants make it to Malta

Migrants make it to MaltaA group of 120 migrants arrived in Malta after being rescued from a small inflatable boat in the Mediterranean by the island’s armed forces.

Tons of ivory and pangolin scales seized in Vietnam

Pangolin scales and ivory seized in VietnamVietnamese authorities seized more than eight tonnes of pangolin scales and ivory in one of the south-east Asian country’s largest wildlife trafficking cases for years, government said.

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