Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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Border Security

Meerkat surveillance system helping reduce Kruger poaching

The Meerkat surveillance system.The Postcode Meerkat surveillance system deployed to the Kruger National Park has seen impressive initial success in combating poachers, detecting almost 90 poachers in the first six months of operation.


Algeria picks up almost 300 boat migrants

Algeria boat migrantsAlgeria’s coastguard picked up 286 illegal migrants heading across the Mediterranean to Europe by boat, the Defence Ministry said.

Interpol west Africa border operations snares child traffickers

Interpol west Africa border operationNearly 40 people either being smuggled or trafficked for illicit labour were this week identified and rescued during an Interpol co-ordinated operation to strengthen border controls in west Africa.


EU support for Libya coastguard is “inhuman” – UN human rights chief

EU support for Libyan coastguardThe European Union’s support for the Libyan coastguard is leading to arbitrary and indefinite imprisonment of migrants in “inhuman” conditions, the UN human rights chief said.

Protecting SA's borders at all costs

Mobility packages on the Swazi border.Proudly donned in an army green uniform, with her sparkly manicured red nails and matte mauve lipstick, Lieutenant Colonel Portia Shingange’s eyes welled up as she spoke about her role in protecting South Africa’s borderlines.


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