Monday, December 10, 2018
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Border Security

Ethiopian migrants die trying to reach South Africa

Ethiopian migrants die trying to reach South AfricaSeven Ethiopian migrants drowned after a boat carrying 13 people capsized off the coast of Tanzania en route to South Africa, Tanzanian police said.

Relocated black rhinos die in Chad

Relocated black rhinos die in ChadTwo of six critically endangered black rhinos relocated to Chad in May died, Zakouma National Park management said, undermining efforts to restore their population in Chad after a nearly 50-year absence.

Morocco to deport Melilla migrants

Melilla migrants to be deportedMorocco will deport 141 migrants arrested as they tried to storm a border fence at the Spanish enclave Melilla.

One Op Corona day sees R4 million plus worth of contraband confiscated

Contraband confiscated in Op CoronaThat South African soldiers achieve the successes they do in apprehending undocumented people, seizing contraband and recovering stolen vehicles among others is testimony to the sweat equity put into the border protection tasking Operation Corona.

Zambia hippo cull

Zambia hippo cullZambia revived plans suspended two years ago after protests by animal rights activists for the controlled slaughter of up to 2,000 hippos over the next five years, its tourism minister said.


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