Monday, September 24, 2018
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Border Security

Italy confirms patrol boat donation to Libya

Italy donates patrol boats to Libya coastguardItaly’s parliament has approved the donation of 12 patrol vessels to Libya to enhance its Coast Guard in dealing with the migrant crisis.

Life and death off the Libyan shoreline

Open Arms migrant rescueThe wreck of the raft was a dot on the sea but as our rescue boat approached we saw a woman make an effort to wave, so at least there was life.

Italy refuses migrant ship safe harbour

INo port for Aquariustaly denied safe harbour to 141 people rescued by a humanitarian ship off the coast of Libya last week, setting up another stand-off with European Union allies over taking in migrants who try to cross the Mediterranean.

US Civil Affairs Soldiers enhance Tanzanian counter-illicit trafficking operations

Tanzanian game wardens.Deep in one of the largest countries in East Africa, U.S. Army Soldiers have been training Tanzanian game wardens in Counter Illicit Trafficking (CIT) operations in order to deter poachers and prevent extremist organizations from profiting from illicit activities.


First rescue for humanitarian ship since stand-off

Aquarius at work againA humanitarian ship rescued 141 migrants packed on wooden boats off the coast of Libya in its first mission since it was caught in a stand-off with Italy and Malta over their refusal to let rescued migrants ashore.

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