Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Border Security

Border Management Authority to become operational next year

BMA operational in 2018According to the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) Cabinet is expected to approve the long-awaited establishment of the Border Management Authority (BMA) early next year.

EU leaders disagree over refugees

EU disagreements over refugeesTwo years after the Mediterranean migrant crisis split the European Union, a tentative effort to patch up differences over refugees underlines continuing rifts among the bloc’s leaders.

Zimbabwe seizes ivory destined for Malaysia

Ivory destined for Malaysia seized in ZimbabweAn illegal 200kg shipment of ivory destined for Malaysia was seized at Zimbabwe’s main airport, an official said.

Soldiers do their best to plug South Africa’s porous borders

Op Corona border protectionWhile not soldiering in the true sense of the word, the deployment of more than 2 700 soldiers on “border duty” has done much to prevent even more illegal aliens from settling in South Africa, stopped millions of Rand worth of illegal goods from being sold locally without the necessary duties and kept tons of narcotics off the streets.


EU pushing Africa to curb migration, but still split on hosting refugees

EU African migrationEuropean Union leaders will discuss further curbing immigration from across the Mediterranean on Thursday, but are as divided as ever on how to care for refugees who make it to Europe.

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