Wednesday, September 26, 2018
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Border Security

Progress on Phase Four of Operation Corona

altPhase Four of the SA National Defence Force’s (SANDF) border protection tasking Operation Corona is underway with two companies currently working out of major centres in Northern Cape and North West in preparation for full deployment.

Anti-rhino poaching “war” to take on new intensity

altThe combined efforts of rangers, soldiers and police has not brought about a meaningful drop in the number of rhinos killed for their horn this year but hopes are high that this will change following a meeting between South African conservation enforcement agencies and their Mozambican counterparts.

Hamas reeling from Egyptian crackdown on Gaza tunnels

altPalestinians in the Gaza Strip are reeling from another devastating blockade but this time they are blaming Egypt, the neighboring Arab power they once hoped would end their isolation, rather than their old foe Israel.

Egypt seeks assertive role, worries about Nile dam

altEgypt's new military-backed cabinet made clear it wanted to play an assertive role in regional politics, urging Ethiopia to attend talks over a dam on the Nile and stressing it sought change in Syria.

Eastern Congo clashes feed tensions with Rwanda

altThe Congolese army shelled rebel positions near the eastern town of Goma in a second day of fierce fighting that led to rivals Rwanda and Congo trading accusations of aggression.

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