Tuesday, September 25, 2018
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Border Security

Migrants flee Tripoli detention centre amid fighting

Migrants flee Tripoli detention centreHundreds of African migrants escaped from a detention centre in Tripoli as fighting between rival groups raged nearby, an aid official said, though the Libyan government department set up to combat illegal migration denied the report.

Italy demands EU opens more ports to migrant ships

Migrants in Europe.Italy demanded on Thursday the EU find other ports to disembark migrants rescued in the Mediterranean, suggesting it would withhold support for the EU naval mission against people-smuggling unless other countries take in survivors.

ISS: Tunisia isn’t a migrant transit country – yet

Migrants in Tunisia.The nature of migration from Africa to Europe across the Mediterranean is changing. Some sub-Saharan African migrants are adjusting their routes due to dangers in Libya, and Tunisian migrants are leaving their country in greater numbers than before. These trends are however unconnected.

Spain defends hard line on North African border immigration

Migrants storming a fence in Morocco.Spain will not tolerate violent attempts to enter the country, the government said on Wednesday, in response to criticism of its swift return of 116 illegal migrants to Morocco after they stormed the fence bordering one of its North African enclaves.


Egypt says 20 suspected militants killed in western desert, Sinai

A vehicle burns in the Sinai.Egypt has killed 20 suspected militants in an air strike in its western desert and shootouts in the Sinai peninsula, the military said on Wednesday, part of ongoing operations.


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