Friday, June 22, 2018
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Border Security

IATA acknowledges it has a role in combatting human trafficking

IATA and human traffickingThe International Air Transport Association (IATA) acknowledges it is in the business of freedom and at the same time knows the global air transport system can be criminally exploited for the illegal trafficking of people.

US Navy rescues migrants, recovers bodies

US Navy rescues migrantsAn American naval vessel went to the aid of a rubber boat sinking off the coast of Libya, rescuing 41 people and collecting 12 bodies, a humanitarian group said after its ship was contacted by radio to assist.

Activists protest as Italy prepares to ship migrants to Spain

Migrants from the MV Aquarius.Italy plans to transfer migrants crammed aboard a charity boat onto other vessels on Tuesday and then sail them all to Spain, despite appeals from humanitarian groups to let the group disembark immediately.


Italy refuses migrant boat port access

No access to Italian port for migrant boatItaly will refuse to let a humanitarian ship carrying more than 600 migrants dock at its ports and asked the island of Malta to open its doors to the vessel, government officials said.

U.N. sanctions six people on Libya human-trafficking

Migrants in Libya.The United Nations Security Council on Thursday sanctioned six people for involvement in human trafficking and smuggling of migrants in Libya after Russia lifted a hold it had set on the request for action against the individuals.


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