Friday, July 29, 2016
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Border Security

Elephant poaching in Africa down, but still far too high: CITES

Poisoned elephants.The illegal killing of African elephants for their ivory seems to have fallen from record peaks but poaching of the animal is still far too high, an international report said on Thursday.

Kruger National Park ranger arrested for poaching

A ranger with SANDF soldiers.One of the Kruger National Park’s regional rangers, together with a veterinarian technician in the Government’s Department of Agricultural and Forestry, Animal Health Directorate in Skukuza were arrested yesterday in the Kruger National Park for rhino poaching related offences.

Kenyan court jails ivory smuggler for 20 years

Jail for Kenya ivory smugglerA Kenyan court on Friday sentenced a man to 20 years in jail and fined him 20 million shillings ($200,000) for ivory smuggling.

New single day record set by South Sudanese fleeing into Uganda

South Sudanese flee to UgandaJust how bad the situation has become in South Sudan is illustrated by UN statistics of people leaving to get away from renewed fighting in the world’s newest state.


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