Monday, July 16, 2018
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Border Security

Italian minister blocks migrants on ship

Italy stops migrant ship from portingDozens of migrants rescued at sea and brought to an Italian port cannot disembark, the country’s far-right interior minister said, reversing a decision by a fellow minister and opening a rift in government.


Fishermen killed in border dispute - claim

Fishermen killed in border disputeThe Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) accused Ugandan forces of shooting and killing 12 Congolese fishermen on a lake straddling their shared border, denied by the Ugandan army.

ISS: DRC prioritises oil over conservation

Gorillas.The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has decided to degazette parts of two UNESCO World Heritage Sites to allow for oil drilling. Environmentalists have reacted sharply to the decision to open up Virunga and Salonga national parks – a move that is likely to jeopardise a regional treaty on the protection of Africa’s most biodiverse wildlife habitat and the endangered mountain gorilla.


Italy stops migrant vessel

Italy stops migrant shipItaly refused to allow a commercial vessel flying an Italian flag to bring ashore rescued migrants, apparently keeping up a hard-line policy on new arrivals as it presses European allies to share the burden of hosting displaced people.

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