Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Border Security

Hot pursuit not yet part of SA/Mozambique conservation MOU

No hot pursuit agreement yet between SA and MozambiqueSouth Africa and Mozambique have signed the long-awaited memorandum of understanding (MOU) on biodiversity, conservation and management but hot pursuit for suspected rhino poachers is not yet a part of it.

Congolese gunmen wound Belgian head of Africa's oldest park

Gorillas.The director of Democratic Republic of Congo's Virunga Park - Africa's oldest national park - survived an attack by unidentified gunmen while driving through the country's volatile eastern borderlands on Tuesday, a colleague said.

Libya's coastguard detains more than 400 immigrants en route to Europe

North African migrants.Libya's coastguard has detained more than 400 immigrants, mostly from the Horn of Africa, in its waters in the past two days as they tried to illegally cross to Europe in small boats, Libyan officials said on Thursday.

Mozambique/SA conservation MOU includes rhino safeguarding

SA/Mozambique conservation MOU to be signed next weekThe priority crime rating rhino poaching has been given is an indication of the seriousness government attaches to it. Sadly when it comes to action, both on the ground and diplomatically, the same cannot be said.

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