Friday, December 19, 2014
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Border Security

True rhino poaching death statistics are 30 per cent higher

Manji.The number of rhinos that die because of poaching could be 25-30 per cent higher than the official figures indicate, which would bring this year’s rhino kill tally to over 1 400.

Repatriation of illegal migrants underway in Algeria

Repatriation of illegal immigrants starts in AlgeriaAlgeria and Niger have started to repatriate 3,000 citizens of Niger who crossed into Algeria illegally as part of a bid to stop people smuggling to North Africa and Europe.

Boat people numbers near the 350, 000 mark for 2014

More more 200,000 boat migrants cross the MediterraneanThe UN refugee agency has warned the international community is losing its focus on saving lives amid confusion among coastal nations and regional blocs on how to respond to the growing number of people making risky sea journeys in search of asylum or migration.

Seventy Ethiopian migrants drown off Red Sea coast of Yemen

Migrant bodies.At least 70 Ethiopians drowned when a boat used by smugglers to transport illegal migrants to Yemen sank in the Red Sea in rough weather, security authorities in the western part of the country said on Sunday.

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