Thursday, March 30, 2017
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Border Security

Aid groups deny rescue ships are abetting migrant smugglers

Aid groups deny helping people traffickersAid groups operating rescue ships in the Mediterranean rejected suspicions raised by an Italian prosecutor that by saving tens of thousands of migrants they are effectively aiding Libya-based people smugglers.

Meerkat system a force multiplier in Kruger anti-poaching battle

The Meerkat surveillance system.The Meerkat wide area surveillance system is a major force multiplier for the hard working rangers deployed in the Kruger National Park, and since it became operational has been responsible for the arrest of numerous poachers and prevented the killing of dozens of rhinos.

More than a thousand migrants picked up off Libya

Migrants rescued off LibyaHumanitarian ships rescued almost 1,200 migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea at the weekend on an array of small, tightly packed boats, Doctors Without Borders said.

Anti-poaching dogs a game-changer for Kruger

A dog during an attack demonstration in the Kruger National Park.Canine in the Kruger National Park – used for tracking and capturing poachers as well as detecting contraband like firearms and rhino horn – have been described as a game-changer since their introduction to the park, with an arrest success rate of more than 80%.

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