Sunday, April 19, 2015
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Border Security

Italy's migrant crisis intensifies with murder arrests, drownings

African migrants.Italian police arrested 15 African men suspected of throwing about a dozen Christians from a migrant boat in the Mediterranean on Thursday, as the crisis off southern Italy intensified.

Mediterranean migrant smugglers 'violent and audacious'

African migrants.Many migrants who survive the perilous sea crossing to Europe from North Africa are physically and sexually abused by the smugglers who organise their journey, according to testimony gathered by aid workers in Italy.

Two Ghanaians in court over 6 tonne cocaine bust

Drugs.Two Ghanaian businessmen appeared in court in Accra on Wednesday accused of conspiring to import nearly 6 tonnes of cocaine from Bolivia, one of the biggest recorded cocaine seizures linked to West Africa.

Panic on Med migrant boat pitched hundreds to their deaths

Migrant coffins.Hundreds of people desperate to be rescued from a packed migrant boat in the Mediterranean pushed to one side when they saw a ship approach, capsizing the craft and pitching everyone into the sea where hundreds died, an official said on Wednesday.

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