Sunday, May 24, 2015
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Border Security

French patrol boat rescues 297 migrants off Italian coast

African migrants.A French Navy patrol ship rescued 297 migrants from a fishing boat in the southern Mediterranean on Wednesday, French police said, the latest in a stream of more than 50,000 migrants to have entered Europe by sea this year.

Out of Africa? Texans offer sanctuary to endangered rhinos

A rhino.In the Texas grassland, home to white-tailed deer and rattlesnakes, outdoorsman Charly Seale sees a vast sanctuary of open spaces that could be used to protect the wild African rhino from its biggest enemy - poachers in search of the animals' valuable horns.

EU agrees Mediterranean naval mission to tackle people smugglers

African migrants at a detention facility in Libya.The European Union agreed a naval mission on Monday to target gangs smuggling migrants from Libya but parts of a broader plan to deal with the influx began to unravel in a row over national quotas for housing asylum seekers.

Positive results from UAVs trialled as anti-poaching tool in Kruger

UAVs inspanned ot help stop rhino poachingSANParks is, understandably, tight-lipped about intelligence provided by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) currently being tested in the Kruger National Park but indications are their performance has been positive.

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