Friday, September 22, 2017
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ISS: Zimbabwe’s shady police roadblocks reflect its failing governance

In Harare, it is sometimes said, nothing is what it appears to be. This is certainly the case with the city’s omnipresent police roadblocks, which give the impression of efficient police maintaining order on the roads.

SA introduces new rules for Zim permit holders

The South African government has announced new regulations for the new four-year, non-renewable permit for nearly 200 000 Zimbabweans working and studying in South Africa.

Some white farmers hope to return to Zimbabwe

Some of the thousands of white Zimbabwean farmers evicted in the early 2000s by President Robert Mugabe’s supporters continue to hold out hopes of one day receiving compensation and returning to the country.

Behind the scenes, Zimbabwe politicians plot post-Mugabe reforms

In January, a photograph appeared in Zimbabwe’s media showing Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa enjoying drinks with a friend. In his hand was a novelty mug emblazoned with the words: “I‘M THE BOSS.”

ISS: Wildlife crime: why diverse data will drive better responses

Since 2006, Southern Africa has been facing an increasing poaching crisis. The securitisation of national parks and private reserves has become a multi-million-rand industry. The cost to secure South Africa’s Kruger National Park alone, for instance, is estimated at around R200 million annually. Parks are increasingly militarised in their approach to curbing the threat, with many using advanced drone and tracking technologies.
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