Thursday, November 22, 2018
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Tunisian Cabinet reshuffle approved by Parliament

The Tunisian parliament approved a cabinet reshuffle proposed by Prime Minister Youssef Chahed amid a political and economic crisis.

Nine hurt when suicide bomber strikes in Tunis

A 30-year old woman blew herself up in the centre of Tunisian capital Tunis, wounding nine people including eight police in what the Interior Ministry called a “terrorist explosion”.

Pasta and petrol: smuggling crackdown in Tunisia

Tunisian Zubair Abdel-Moula lost his work selling smuggled fuel on the streets of a poor southern town after government tightened controls with Libya to stop militants crossing the border.

ISS: Tunisia isn’t a migrant transit country – yet

The nature of migration from Africa to Europe across the Mediterranean is changing. Some sub-Saharan African migrants are adjusting their routes due to dangers in Libya, and Tunisian migrants are leaving their country in greater numbers than before. These trends are however unconnected.

Tunisair plans to lay off 1 200 workers

Tunisia’s state airline wants to lay off 1 200 workers to ease financial difficulties which led to flight delays and aircraft grounding due to lack of spare parts, its chief executive told Reuters.
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