Friday, September 22, 2017
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Tunisian navy rescues 78 migrants off coast

Tunisia’s navy rescued 78 migrants including two girls after their vessel en route to Europe took on water off the coast of Chebba and was stranded for three days, the defence ministry said on Friday.

Tunisians protest corruption amnesty

Hundreds of Tunisians protested in the streets of the capital against a widely contested new law granting officials from the former regime involved in corruption amnesty from prosecution.

'Ghost boats' drop Tunisian migrants onto sunny Italian tourist beaches

The figures jumping from a small boat into the clear shallow waters and running ashore on an Italian beach look like troops practicing a D-Day-style landing, but this is no drill, and these are not soldiers.

Tunisian security forces kill senior militant in ambush

Tunisian armed forces killed two Islamist militants including a senior commander in a mountain raid near the western border with Algeria late on Tuesday, security sources said.

UK lifts advisory against travel to most of Tunisia

Britain is no longer advising against travel to most of Tunisia, including Tunis and major tourist destinations, the foreign office said on Wednesday.

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