Sunday, July 15, 2018
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Angola police arrest several civilians in Cabinda: MP

Angolan authorities have detained several civilians in Cabinda in recent days, following a deadly attack on Togo's national soccer team by separatists in the oil producing province, a parliamentarian said yesterday.

Score one for Danny Jordaan


The continued inability or unwillingness of some to see Africa as a continent of many nations rather than a single country, means South Africa is now “required” to explain an insurgent attack on a bus carrying Togolese soccer players from the Republic of Congo to Angola's Cabinda province.

SA decries “sport terrorism”

South Africa has launched an offensive to counter mainly European media reports and as well as what it considers unfounded concerns that an insurgent attack in Angola's Cabinda enclave has any relevance to the southern Africa state holding an incident-free soccer World Cup in June.

Africa sports ambush wins rebels global impact

A murderous ambush of soccer players in Angola has shown how easily insurgents can grab world headlines with attacks on soft targets and inflict international embarrassment on countries by exposing their lapses in security.

Togo sets presidential poll date for Feb. 28

Togo will hold its next presidential election on Feb. 28, state media in the West African country said.

President Faure Gnassingbe has ruled the world's fourth biggest phosphates producer since 2005, when he was elected amid violence and accusations that the vote was flawed.
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