Friday, January 19, 2018
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Sierra Leone

Joint surveillance mission in Sierra Leone uncovers illegal fishing operations

Four illegal fishing cases have been found during a joint surveillance mission conducted by Greenpeace and Sierra Leone fishery authorities.

Sierra Leone jungle training underlines Britain's role in Africa

From the jungles of Sierra Leone to the shores of the Mediterranean and Indian Ocean, Britain has stepped up its support to Africa.

Sierra Leone diplomat is kidnapped in Nigeria

Sierra Leone's deputy high commissioner in Nigeria has been kidnapped in the northern state of Kaduna, a security source and an embassy official said on Friday.

Guinean sailors arrested after clash with Sierra Leona navy

Sierra Leone was holding 11 Guineans including military personnel in custody on Wednesday following a confrontation at sea involving the two West African neighbours' navies, Sierra Leonean officials said.

Sierra Leone police fire guns, teargas at opposition supporters

Police fired guns and teargas on the headquarters of an opposition party and arrested supporters during celebrations for Sierra Leone's Independence Day on Wednesday, the party and police said.
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