Sunday, November 19, 2017
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Piriou establishes naval shipyard in Senegal

French company Piriou has set up a naval shipbuilding and repair facility in Senegal, in partnership with Senegalese company Ngom & Freres.

Air Senegal signs MoU for two Airbus A330neo jets

Airbus secured a memorandum of understanding on Thursday from Air Senegal to buy two A330neo jets.

Illicit arms and organised crime threaten Africa’s development

Transnational organised crime has become a global risk to peace and security, but the focus tends to be on priorities for the developed world rather than on Africa’s efforts, goals and challenges.

African child marriages under the spotlight

African political leaders, activists and local chiefs joined forces to commit to ending child marriage in West and Central Africa, the region with the highest child marriage rate in the world.

Senegal interested in Indonesian vessels

Senegal has expressed interest in acquiring civil and military vessels from Indonesia, including a landing platform dock.

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