Monday, July 16, 2018
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Rwanda receives Chinese military; eyes Russian missiles

A Chinese military delegation has visited Rwanda to enhance military cooperation while Rwanda is discussing with Russia the delivery of air defence systems.

Congolese refuges arrested

Rwandan police arrested 23 Congolese refugees after officials were pelted with stones, authorities said after two days of clashes in which a refugee died.

Migrants in limbo as deportation deal remains unfinished

Israel is finalising a deal to deport thousands of African migrants to Uganda under a new scheme after agreements with Rwanda and the UN’s refugee agency to find homes for those expelled fell through.

Israel releases detained migrant after relocation deal collapses

Israel released a small group of African migrants awaiting deportation following the collapse of an international deal to send them to Rwanda.

Deaths, injuries in Rwanda refugee camp

At least five refugees were killed and 20 injured at a camp in Rwanda after a protest over a cut in food rations turned violent, Rwandan police said. Seven policemen were injured.
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