Friday, September 22, 2017
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Opposition official and others charged for plotting against Rwanda government

A Rwandan opposition official and eight others were charged with forming an armed group and seeking to overthrow government - indictments that could see them jailed for life.

Supporters of jailed Rwandan opposition man arrested

Rwandan police arrested supporters of jailed opposition figure Victoire Ingabire who they said were planning to join an armed group in a neighbouring country.

Kagame critic arrested

Rwandan police arrested Diane Shima Rwigara, a leading critic of President Paul Kagame, charging her with forgery and tax evasion.

Forgery investigation underway in Rwanda

Rwandan police are investigating Diane Shima Rwigara - a critic of President Paul Kagame barred from challenging him in elections this month - for tax evasion and forgery.

Rwandan soldiers arrive in South Sudan ahead of thousands more extra U.N. troops

About 120 Rwandan peacekeepers have arrived in South Sudan, United Nations said on Tuesday, the first detachment of 4,000 extra troops approved by the U.N. last year to help protect the capital of Africa's newest country.
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