Wednesday, September 26, 2018
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Good results from Op Copper deployment

The most recent Operation Copper deployment paid good dividends in tactical execution and also opened new doors for operational improvements.

Kruger animals going to Mozambique

The Kruger National Park is relocating animals to the Zinave National Park in Mozambique, with several hundred animals already moved.

Mozambique names ringleaders of Islamist threat

Mozambique security forces identified six men regarded as ringleaders of a nascent Islamist insurgency that killed over 100 people in the north and called on local people to help capture them, news agency Lusa reported.

SA Navy two platform deployment returns from Op Copper duty

A revamped strikecraft, now doing duty as an offshore patrol vessel (OPV) with the SA Navy, will port in Durban on Friday after an Operation Copper anti-piracy tasking tour in the Mozambique Channel.

Mozambique beheadings mark new Islamist threat

Anastacio Talene Nakupenda woke to the sound of gunshots as a dozen men burst from dense forest to attack his remote Mozambican village, torching homes, stealing food and decapitating a neighbour.
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