Friday, September 22, 2017
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Tuaregs sign deal to end Mali fighting

Rival Tuareg groups on Thursday signed a peace deal in northern Mali, raising hopes of an end to years of fighting and broken ceasefires.

Canadian troops on hold for UN Mali peace operation

Canada indicated it would again put off a decision on contributing troops to a UN peace operation in Mali, upsetting allies who said the delay could undermine Canada’s effort to obtain a Security Council seat.

Mali and Niger seek international funding

Mali and Niger, two West African nations worst affected by jihadist violence, appealed for international funding for a regional force to counter Islamist insurgencies.

Mali receiving Y-12 aircraft from China

Mali’s air force is getting ready to receive at least one Harbin Y-12E light transport aircraft, with the aircraft seen flying in China ahead of delivery.

UN sanctions regime for Mali

The UN Security Council this week established a sanctions regime on Mali, introducing a travel ban and assets freeze for individuals and entities engaged in actions or policies threatening the peace, security or stability of the conflict-torn African country.
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