Monday, April 23, 2018
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Ivory Coast

West Africa seeks to bring order to troubled, lawless waters

The outline of a ship slowly emerged from the haze, and the crew of the Ivory Coast's naval patroller Le Bouclier said it was a Colombian vessel suspected of smuggling drugs they had been hunting for several hours.

Ivory Coast’s former first lady cleared of war crimes

A court in Ivory Coast acquitted former first lady Simone Gbagbo of crimes against humanity and war crimes charges linked to her role in a 2011 civil war that killed about 3,000 people, state television announced.

Ivory Coast port security measures rescinded

Ivory Coast rescinded an order on Sunday to increase security at its two main ports after determining an earlier reported threat of terrorism was unfounded, according to a document seen by Reuters.

Six Ivorian journalists freed after three day detention

Ivory Coast released six journalists arrested for publishing stories authorities said could incite another soldiers' revolt, the journalists' trade union said on Wednesday, following a series of army mutinies over pay.

Ivory Coast journalists arrested on suspicion of inciting mutiny

Six journalists in Ivory Coast were arrested on suspicion of faking news which could incite soldiers to revolt, journalism associations said on Monday, just days after a mutiny.
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