Monday, April 23, 2018
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Ivory Coast

Mediator sees chance of Ivory Coast "turning point"

The African leader seeking to broker an end to Ivory Coast's six-year political gridlock has hailed a new November 29 election date as a real chance for the world's top cocoa grower to emerge from the stalemate.

Paris Club agrees to cancel $845 million Ivory Coast debt

The Paris Club of sovereign debitors has reached an agreement with the Ivory Coast to restructure its external public debt, prompting an immediate cancellation of $845 million worth.

Analysis: Burkina Faso push needed to end Ivory Coast impasse

Ivory Coast, once West Africa's economic powerhouse, looks unlikely to hold long-delayed elections this year unless Burkina Faso's mediation can resolve six years of political and military gridlock.

Threats to quasi-state economy jeopardises Ivory Coast

The fragile political stability in Côte d’Ivoire is at significant risk of collapsing into armed conflict if the economic interests of various factions are threatened in the West African country, a group of United Nations experts warn.  

France to withdraw 2100 troops from Africa

France plans to draw down its deployed forces in Africa by about 2100 to save between €100 and €150 million a year in what appears to be a proactive move to reposition the nation’s defence budget as the global financial crisis places government spending everywhere under further pressure.
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