Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast ID row adds to vote delay, stokes fears

A row over voter eligibility could further delay Ivory Coast's election by several months and analysts and diplomats say it may deepen a political crisis by playing into the hands of hardliners.

Conflict diamond watchdog criticizes Ivory Coast and Zimbabwe

An international campaign group says the Kimberley Process, an international watchdog set up to monitor so-called "conflict diamonds", is failing. Britain-based group Global Witness says diamonds are regularly smuggled from Ivory Coast and says Zimbabwe's military is profiting from illicit diamond trading in the east of the country.

Ivorian President and former rebels say election to be delayed

Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo and leaders of the country's former rebel factions say the presidential election, will once again be delayed.

Security Council extends Ivory Coast sanctions

The UN Security Council renewed arms, financial and travel sanctions on the Ivory Coast for another year as well as a ban on trade in rough diamonds from the West African country.

Israel does not trade in Ivory Coast diamonds

Israel rejected yesterday accusations by a UN panel of experts that the Middle East nation may be involved in the illegal export and sale of so-called "blood diamonds" from the Ivory Coast.
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