Tuesday, October 17, 2017
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Ivory Coast

Aides of Ivory Coast parliament speak questioned about arms cache

Authorities in Ivory Coast questioned two senior military officers close to parliamentary speaker Guillaume Soro, one of his spokesmen said, after an arms cache was found in an aide’s home.

Signs of more trouble in Ivory Coast as hidden hand saves mutineers

When a rag-tag group of soldiers launched a mutiny in Ivory Coast earlier this month, it looked like they were doomed. A column of elite troops quickly descended to put the mutiny down. The rebels were running out of ammunition and armouries were locked.

Three dead in clashes between Ivory Coast police and rebels

Three demobilised ex-rebel fighters were killed in Ivory Coast's second-biggest city of Bouake, as they clashed with police attempting to end their protest over bonus payments, the Interior Ministry and a spokesman for the fighters said.

Ivory Coast military mutiny over

Renegade troops in Ivory Coast accepted a government proposal on bonuses and returned to barracks, ending a mutiny that closed businesses, shut major roads and threatened years of economic progress in the world's top cocoa producer.

Ivory Coast soldiers accept deal to end mutiny

The leaders of a nationwide military mutiny in Ivory Coast have accepted a government proposal on bonus payments and agreed to return to barracks, ending their revolt, two spokesmen for the soldiers told Reuters on Tuesday.

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