Monday, January 22, 2018
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Explosives seized in Ghana

Police in Ghana seized explosives of various kinds in Accra and are holding three men connected to the substances, regional police command said in a statement.

France’s macron seeks renewal of Africa ties

Barely six months into office, President Emmanuel Macron is preparing for his third visit to sub-Saharan Africa. While the energetic young leader is eager to reshape France’s relationship with the continent, old problems die hard.

Ghana commissions Chinese patrol boats

Ghana’s navy has commissioned into service four patrol boats donated by China.

Ghana and Ivory Coast act om maritime border dispute

Ghana and Ivory Coast have set up a body to implement an international tribunal ruling on their dispute over a border running through multi-billion dollar offshore oilfields, the countries said in a statement.

Ghana’s bold step away from the ‘war on drugs’

Ghana is poised to become the first African country, and the first country outside of Europe and the Americas, to decriminalise the personal possession and use of all illegal drugs.

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