Saturday, October 20, 2018
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Counter illicit trafficking training enhances partnerships, protects wildlife

According to the U.S. State Department, wildlife trafficking, illegal poaching, and transit and trade of natural resources generates more than $10 billion a year for transnational organized criminal networks. This illegal trade has the potential to threaten regional security, endanger wildlife species and put the natural resources of Gabon at risk.

Spanish vessel nabbed for shark fishing off Gabon

The crew of a Spanish tuna fishing vessel were arrested off the coast of Gabon for illegally catching sharks without the proper licence and stripping them of their fins, marine conservation group Sea Shepherd said.

Tanker missing off Gabon

A tanker with 19 crew on board, mostly Georgians, is missing in pirate-plagued waters off Gabon in West Africa and no word has been heard for a week, the ship’s managers and the crew agency said.

New Gabon cabinet

Gabon’s prime minister announced the composition of a new cabinet, just days after the Constitutional Court ordered him to resign for failing to organise legislative elections on time.

Gabon prime minister ordered to resign

Gabon’s Constitutional Court ordered the prime minister to resign and the lower house of parliament dissolved after legislative elections scheduled for the weekend were delayed.
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