Friday, September 22, 2017
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Ethiopia clashes leave 50 dead, 50 000 displaced

Clashes along the border of Ethiopia’s Oromiya and Somali regions displaced around 50,000 people, a senior regional official said, in violence prompting government to send in the military.

Rebel leader handed to Ethiopia

Somali authorities handed Ethiopia a senior official of the ONLF rebel group, which is fighting for the secession of Ogaden from Ethiopia, the group said.

Heavy fighting erupts in South Sudan near border with Ethiopia

Heavy fighting erupted on Friday in the South Sudanese town of Pagak near the border with Ethiopia when rebels launched an offensive against government forces, the rebels said.

Ethiopia to lift state of emergency

Ethiopia's parliament voted to lift a state of emergency declared last year following months of deadly protests that killed hundreds of people.

Internet access in Ethiopia cut off

Ethiopia has cut internet access nationwide until at least June 8 to try and stop cheats from posting high school exam papers on social media, a government official said.

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