Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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ISS: From Djibouti to Jeddah, the Western Indian Ocean needs security

Crimes like piracy, illegal fishing and the smuggling and trafficking of firearms, narcotics and people continue to threaten security in the Western Indian Ocean. If left unopposed, they severely hamper shipping and the growth of blue or ocean economies.

Members of Djibouti's first Rapid Intervention Battalion graduate

Members of the Djiboutian Army’s first ever Rapid Intervention Battalion (RIB), graduated from training following a culminating exercise at a site outside Djibouti City on 3 May.

China denies Djibouti laser pointing accusations

The United States formally complained to China after Chinese nationals pointed lasers at US military aircraft near Djibouti in recent weeks, the Pentagon said, an account strongly disputed by China.

US Djibouti exercise cancelled

The US military cancelled a training exercise off the coast of Djibouti and put air operations from the country on hold after two separate air mishaps this week, US officials said.

Amphibious training event begins off Djibouti’s coast

The United States Naval Amphibious Force, Task Force 51/5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade on 4 April began a two-week amphibious training event in international waters off the African coast of Djibouti.

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