Friday, January 18, 2019
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Anjouan Comoros governor under house arrest

Authorities in Comoros placed the governor of strife-torn Anjouan Island under house arrest on charges of instigating unrest in the province, as government sent in more troops to quell violence.

Comoros authorities sign pact to end standoff on island

Five days of clashes between protesters and police in Comoros’ Anjouan island have subsided after the national government, local authorities and the Anjouan capital Mutsamudu signed an accord aimed at ending the violence, officials said on Friday.

Two killed in Comoros

Troops shot and killed two “criminals” in clashes on Comoros’ Anjouan island, a government official said, amid a wave of unrest against constitutional changes.

Comoros constitutional referendum coming

The Indian Ocean state of Comoros will hold a constitutional referendum on July 30 on presidential term limits that could result in the next vote being two years ahead of schedule, government said.

Burundi, Eritrea, East Timor top global hunger index

Sixteen countries have alarming levels of hunger, with Burundi the worst affected, according to an annual index released on Monday which also reveals that 2 billion people worldwide suffer from "hidden hunger".
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