Sunday, November 19, 2017
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Cameroon separatists kill four

Separatists from Cameroon’s Anglophone region killed four security forces in attacks over the past few days, the government said, an unprecedented violent turn to a movement that risks morphing into a full blown insurgency.

Cameroon killings attributed to Anglophone secessionists

Anglophone secessionists in Cameroon killed at least two gendarmes, two secessionist leaders and a security official said, signalling an escalation in a protracted dispute with central government.

Cameroon village attacked by suspected Boko Haram fighters

Suspected Boko Haram militants killed at least 10 villagers in northern Cameroon in what army and local officials said was revenge for attacks by Cameroon’s army.

West and Central African police meet to counter escalating terror threat

With Central and West Africa combating some of the world’s deadliest terrorist organisations Interpol brought police chiefs and counter-terrorism experts from the regions together to help streamline and enhance ongoing law enforcement efforts.

Over 500 Anglophones arrested in Cameroon

More than 500 people have been swept up in mass arrests following violent demonstrations in Cameroon’s English-speaking regions earlier this month, Amnesty International said on Friday.
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