Saturday, December 16, 2017
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Burkina Faso

ISS: Many new plans in Macron’s no-Africa policy

When French President Emmanuel Macron was elected earlier this year he became the youngest-ever French head of state at the age of 39. He didn’t hail from any established political party and was seen as bringing a whole new approach to politics in Europe.

Macron speaks in Burkina Faso, gets rowdy reception from students

French President Emmanuel Macron told African youths he belonged to a new generation of French leaders who would build partnerships with the continent rather than tell it what to do.

Grenade thrown at French soldiers in Burkina Faso

A grenade thrown at French soldiers wounded three civilians in Ouagadougou shortly before the arrival of French President Emmanuel Macron, Radio France International reported.

France’s macron seeks renewal of Africa ties

Barely six months into office, President Emmanuel Macron is preparing for his third visit to sub-Saharan Africa. While the energetic young leader is eager to reshape France’s relationship with the continent, old problems die hard.

Burkina Faso recalls ambassador to Libya

Burkina Faso’s foreign minister said the country had recalled its ambassador to Libya over a report that black African migrants were being auctioned as slaves there.
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