Tuesday, January 15, 2019
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Fact Files

Fact file: G5 L45 towed gun-howitzer

The 2010 edition of the International Institute for Strategic Studies' Military Balance publication lists the South African Artillery as currently employing six (one battery) G5 L45 and having an additional 66 in store.

Fact file: Military rank

The origin of military rank makes for interesting reading, both in terms of the hierarchy (if a major is senior to a lieutenant, why is a major general junior to a lieutenant general?) and in terms of the origin, age and meaning of the various ranks.

Fact file: Denel ZT3 Ingwe precision guided missile

The Ingwe (Leopard) missile and associated launch systems were developed in the 1980s under Project Raleigh as a “long-range indigenous antitank guided missile.” Pre-production models were used in Operation Modular in Angola with good effect in late 1987. This was introduced to service, mounted in a triple launcher atop a modified Ratel infantry combat vehicle, as the ZT3.

Fact file: MBDA Milan precision guided misile

The MBDA (formerly Euromissile) Milan (Missile d´infanterie léger antichar = light infantry antitank missile) started life in 1962 and the second-generation of antitank missiles to enter South African Army service from about the middle 1970s.

Fact file: M40A1 recoilless rifle

The M40 was developed in the 1950s as a lightweight, portable, crew-served 105mm antitank weapon. It has served the South African infantry for many years as a direct-fire weapon and is issued in units of six to the motorised and airborne infantry anti-tank platoon.

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